Lady reading 5.19.2009 – foto by Smith

The 12 poems I read / recited last night at our reading are on-line at the Crisis Chronicles On-Line Library, which is run by poet John Burroughs a.k.a Jesus Crisis, who along with poet Dianne Borsenik were our hosts last night.

They may be read at

We had two dozen in the audience, which isn’t bad for a poetry reading here in Cleveland Ohio, Conservative-ville USA. Don’t believe I’ve ever had more than a hundred folk in an audience, and frequently under a dozen, and once only one in my 30 years of reading. So much for fame and fortune.

Our reading was video-taped and will be online at YouTube in a couple weeks, so I can see how I did. Our last reading was October 2007 and I felt a wee bit rusty, a wee bit anti-climactic. Lady was wonderful, of course.

Today we go back to the Cleveland Food Bank for our second day of volunteering.

And that’s life in this particular fast lane in this particular moment swinging around this particular sun.

poetry – foto by Smith

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  1. Thank YOU, Smith, for your wonderful, wondrous poetry reading. I loved hearing you read from your book, and delighted in hearing you read several of my favorite poems. I never tire of your poetry. And Lady’s was just as marvelous- rich with aural delights. Both of you provided a magical evening for Lix and Kix, and I am most grateful for your friendship and your poetry. Thank you so, so much! Love and hugs to the both of you!

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