Month: June 2009

  • sprung cleaning

    ego vs id – foto by Smith I’m in a dark loop of re-evaluating my worthiness. It is a downward spiral. I’m finding myself with a deep vein that’s petty, selfish, shallow. I go along fine as Mr Wonderful while small wounds and slights boil and toil to trouble inside until they coalesce over time […]

  • tri 3 trinity

    “your days of plenty are numbered” – foto by Smith Today makes three years Lady and I’ve been blogging on We’ve been together nearly 4 years, and all but our first nine months is online in an almost daily visual and textual diary of our perambulations. We got together, Lady gestated 9 months, then […]

  • enigmatic gearshift

    trail of spheres – foto by Smith First I got a fortune cookie which said, “Life begins in enigma, ends in ambiguity.” Then I saw the Collective’s Conscious file that summarized my life – it had but one line: “Enigma in, enigma out.” Enigma in-between too. Lady says what first attracted her to me were […]

  • which 1 ya want?

    night and day – foto by Smith The Lady, or the Tiger? Door 1? Big bats flying, black scorpion crawling. Door 2? Blood pollen on the silent keys. Door 3? Candy worship in the Temple of the Prom Queen. The price of right. Is One the end of Zero? total sale – foto by Smith


    THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS I do not know the names of local birds. Anonymous, yet there all my life. I am oblivious of the trivia of what little shred of nature is made available to me. More important to me to see how a bird hops, to capture a streaming real-time experience. Anything can […]

  • fish lip pain

    incoming tide – fotos by Smith Fish feel pain. In a recent experiment, scientists injected bee venom into the lips of live fish. The injected fish became agitated, and swam down to the bottom of the tank to scrape their lips on the gravel, trying to remove the sensation. The fish that weren’t injected did […]

  • yesterday’s wine

    yesterday’s wine – fotos by Smith


    from 6/20/09 Governor’s Budget Proposal cuts the PLF 50%. Act Now! Many of the Ohio’s 251 public libraries could close or face significant reductions in operations as a result of the Governor’s latest proposal to balance the state’s 2010-2011 biennium budget. Public libraries in Ohio are funded primarily through the Public Library Fund (PLF), […]

  • Notes from the Underground

    I’m reading a good book from my friend’s book list, ‘Notes from the Underground’ by Dostoevsky. Here are some passages that struck me: The characteristics of our romantic type are: to understand everything, to see everything, and frequently to see it incomparably more clearly than our most distinguished intellects; not to be reconciled to anyone […]

  • roundabout

    wheels within wheels – fotos by Smith