Month: July 2009


    from Now more than ever–as single-payer activists march in DC today to commemorate the anniversary of Medicare–it is essential that we oppose the corporate media’s interference in the public debate that is so urgently needed if we are to really address America’s broken healthcare system. It is not too late to sign onto FAIR’s […]

  • u r what u accrete

    free air – foto by Smith Of morning, noon, night . . . Our dreams dragging yesterday, Our hopes tomorrow hung. I am what I am and that’s all that I am, I’m Smith, the accreted man. chronology – foto by Smith

  • morning noon night

    morning – art & foto by Smith noon – foto by Smith night – foto by Smith

  • i before e except after c

    my laptop on-light reflected in screen in dark – foto by Smith This is one of those pass-it-on chain emails I tend to delete. But this one referenced a science study I read a couple years ago that found people can read words no matter what the order of the letters. This one contradicts itself […]

  • Single Payer Health Plan

    Just sent an email to my Representative & Senators in support of a single payer health plan. Thought to post this as a reminder in case anyone else is so inclined. Contact your Representative: Contact your Senators: Lady

  • head lines

    headlines – foto by Smith Recent headlines that make me wonder if perhaps Monty Python runs the universe: Coroner Still Has Michael Jackson’s Brain Jackson’s False Nose Missing In The Morgue ‘Hooker for Jesus’ weds Christian rocker Wife Swap’ Mom Accused Of Stabbing Husband Sex Selling For Less During Downturn One in Four Men in […]

  • rufus, the lady, and the tiger

    poets Jim Lang, Smith, Lady – foto by Wendy Shaffer Lady and I attend a monthly poetry workshop called Rufus organized by our poet friend Wendy Shaffer, one of the best poets I know and the woman who gave us our loaner cat. Yesterday I discovered that one poet or another didn’t understand portions of […]

  • new morning lite

    new day – foto by Smith Day path light rises The night runs away in dream Mistakes start anew Cat wakes us at 5 Demands new food and water Sits and licks her fur Day two without grass Sun still rises, clouds still sing Wife and I make love Awake, I start clean But then […]

  • 3 days

    handle with care – foto by Smith Yesterday Rainbow walking New Mexico mountains where old hippies go to die ~ ~ ~ Today The last two pinches of magic Mary dust gone I’m straight and narrow ~ ~ ~ Tomorrow Tomorrow rises Built of failures from today Yet hopes anyway tomorrow – foto by Smith

  • eyes closed

    eyes closed it is a rainy day and I am full of sloth, fetal on the sofa with my eyes closed there is the vroom and splash of cars down the road the breeze the shelter of my blanket the cilia of its fibers made alive by my breath my heart is in an interior […]