new day – foto by Smith

Day path light rises
The night runs away in dream
Mistakes start anew

Cat wakes us at 5
Demands new food and water
Sits and licks her fur

Day two without grass
Sun still rises, clouds still sing
Wife and I make love

Awake, I start clean
But then quickly run awry
Don’t know what I know

I know what I know
But I don’t do what I know
Start over again

New dawn spreads old light
My old body out of bed
I walk new in old

Drink coffee, pet cat
Wonder again why I am
Morning ritual

Short poems not haiku
And not senryu either
More like short news casts

yellow brick road – foto by Smith

One Response

  1. For a long time I thought my yellow brick road looked a little shopworn. These days I appreciate all the use I still get from it.

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