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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

A cracked transcript advises heaven over a hip galaxy

A cracked transcript advises heaven over a hip galaxy. The dealer intimates a central mystery. Behind his proved outline hunts the high imbalance.

Our injury captains every bigotry near a resulting railroad. The tangent postulates heaven. The railroad gulfs heaven. An outcome observes the dustbin. The dependent agenda bells stone underneath a stunt. Heaven moves stone across an unsuspecting downhill. Heaven condemns your immortal above our idealistic constituent. Heaven hardens above the ordered impulse.

Heaven farms. Heaven samples a still flood. A managing dialect fishes stone. Heaven spits throughout stone. Throughout stone strains heaven. The subtle originator piles stone.

Any baggage collapses on top of heaven. Stone weights heaven. The wrecked view slaves on top of the golden bandwagon. An ideological restaurant hangs from stone. Heaven suspends your motor above your airport. A gasp works over heaven.

Heaven extends the solved skeleton inside an irritated chicken. Can the grandmother chop a surviving house? Can the clothed head stare outside heaven? How will heaven certify the raving pigeon? Why does the designer warp ban stone?

Past heaven relaxes stone. Stone exists opposite a plain atom. Stone supposes heaven past the bump. A grass embeds stone without a spreading bulletin. Every stem misplaces stone. Stone pops a regarding gulf behind the dummy. The confine degenerates into your competitive gene within the snack. Our subjective structure corrects heaven past the questionable invalid.

Within stone walks heaven. The arrogance resides in a profound pointer before the hope. The governing manufacturer apologizes for stone. The mathematician accepts. A mystic presents heaven near a sickening silicon.

Heaven compromises stone below the jazz. Over heaven reads the egg. Heaven experiments with a tail below the unused hypocrisy. When can heaven overflow opposite the respectable heaven? When will my god serve as the integrated degenerate?

A collaboration between Lady and a random paragraph generator seeded with ‘stone’ and ‘heaven’ –

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