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one hand clapping

polymiasma – foto by Smith

According to Quantum Mechanics, we cannot observe Reality without altering it.

Evidently when no one is looking, Reality is simultaneously all things and all possibilities at all times. It is only when we interface with Reality–by looking, smelling, touching, tasting, testing, thinking, poking, probing, asking, measuring, mapping–that it collapses from every possible thing to the one particular thing most matching our way of seeing.

For example, measure star light one way and light turns out to be a wave; measure it another way, and it’s a particle. Measure it both ways side by side simultaneously and light becomes two different mutually exclusive things at once.

In real life, light is probably neither wave nor particle because in real life there is no real life because it’s all illusion, the sound of one hand collapsing.

There are no right answers because there are no right questions, with no right times or right ways to ask our no right questions. We get the answers we do only because we ask the questions we do based on and biased by the culture and history we were raised in. Different questions would return different answers. We’re two-dimensional creatures asking three-dimensional questions in a nine-dimensional universe.

Our questions are but ghosts walking the Reality of illusion.

Humans see whatever they seek. Krishnamurti said when he was a Buddhist and meditated, he saw Buddha; when he became Christian, he saw Christ–you see whatever you invest your time, effort and belief system in.

Thus the mindset we interface with Reality affects our outcome. Think nasty thoughts and expect nasty results–and voila, it’s a nasty universe out there. Be good, and look for good, and you’ll experience a much less nasty notion.

On a Zen level: expect something, get nothing; expect nothing, get something.

That’s not saying that no matter what good you do or how positive you think, that Reality still won’t turn on you in a second and wipe you from this earth with neither thought nor notice.

But except for the random chance of utter destruction, our bottom line becomes enmeshed in what we expect, what we seek, how we ask, how we go about it all.

Be good, expect good–but be prepared for bad.

This is my personal philosophy; I call it Polymiasma.

polymiasma – foto by Smith

3 Responses to “one hand clapping”

  1. jesus crisis says:

    Altogether brilliant!

    When I saw the title, I thought you were going to be patting yourself on the back. Since you didn’t, allow me.

  2. I love this, Smith, especially the part “Different questions would return different answers. We’re two-dimensional creatures asking three-dimensional questions in a nine-dimensional universe.” Nothing is ever straight up and simple– there are complexities upon complexities. And I love the exhortation to “Be good, expect good–but be prepared for bad.” My philosophy, too– now I’ll have a name for it, lol!

  3. Blayne says:

    Melting, my brain is melting!

    But in a good way.

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