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Archive for August, 2009

flow go

Friday, August 7th, 2009

flow – foto by Smith

These headlines are in the odor I found them, all in the past nine days. Life out there in their irreal world is getting weirder faster. But who am I to complain? It’s a free and easy blog.

Wisconsin Women Take Revenge On Philanderer By Gluing His Penis

Climate Change Protesters Superglue Themselves Together

Sacrificial virgins of the Mississippi

Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?

Bank Teller Stops Alleged Robber, Loses His Job

Watching TV: Even Worse for Kids Than You Think

Scientists Develop Sex Device For Long-Distance Couples

Pelican Swallows Cell Phone

Brazil Wants Its Residents To Pee In The Shower

Congo’s Latest Atrocity: Men Raping Men

Iraq’s Women Wrestlers Threatened With Death

More dead go unburied due to recession

Police Shut Down 7-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand

Controversial Doll Lets Little Girls Pretend To Breast-Feed

Man Offers 40 Goats And 20 Cows For Chelsea Clinton’s Hand In Marriage

Wildlife Smugglers Hide Geckos In Underwear To Slip Past Customs

Giant Penis Painted On British Mansion Roof

Chinese Trust Prostitutes More Than Politicians, Scientists

Brothel Offers Discounts For Cyclists

flow – foto by Smith



Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

fool killer – foto by Smith

Fear, panic, shame.

Lady left this morning for her weekly visit with her grandmum, so I decided to take a two-for-one; I ride my bicycle down to Grumpy’s for breakfast and then on to the library for some more culture and time killers.

At the library I check out two well-written mysteries by Harlan Coben and a novella by Stephen King for killing time, two Dr. Suess children’s books so I can write some faux Suess funny poems, NYPD Confidential – Power And Corruption In The Country’s Greatest Police Force for my mind, and Freeing Tibet – 50 Years Of Struggle, Resilience, And Hope for my soul.

I pedal back home and reach into my empty pocket and discover I have no keys. My brain stops. My spirit cringes. I wonder what I’m going to do for the next 4 hours until Lady returns. I look around to make sure the Fool Killer isn’t coming.

I know my chances are nil, but I’m ever the optimist so I stash my bag of books and retrace my ride, slowly checking each foot of ground. After four blocks I realize I unlocked my bicycle lock after the library so pour on the speed. As I’m racing to the library I’m thinking two house keys, one car key, and one bicycle lock key. I glance down at my bicycle lock and voila, there’s my keys hanging out of the lock, dangling precariously just above the tire. My gratefulness overrides the wave of stupidity that washes over me and I come back home.

Fool Killer
written and sung by Mose Allison, 1964

I was walking down a back street
Just the other night
I got a funny feeling
That things weren’t right
I heard some heavy footsteps right behind
And I know it wasn’t just my mind

You know the foolkiller’s coming
Uh-huh, he gettin’ closer every day
Don’t you know the foolkiller’s coming
I’m gonna try to make my getaway

I’ve been living in this concrete anthill
Scraping and scrubbing for that dollar bill
Eight million people living on a brink
There ain’t no time to stop and think

You know the foolkiller’s coming
Uh-huh, I do believe it’s true
Girl, I said the foolkiller’s coming
I think he got his eye on me and you

Now, if you never been a fool
Then you don’t have to worry
But if you have
You better get in a hurry
And just to be on the safe side
Get yourself a little place to hide

You know the foolkiller’s coming
Lord, I do believe it’s true
I see the foolkiller coming
And I know he got his eye on me and you

Yeah, you know, the foolkiller’s coming, all right

– Mose Allison, 1964

fool – foto by Smith


hot lunch

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

bee line – foto by Smith

Lunch in Lincoln Park

Sit on bench in sun
Spicy hot tomato soup
Heat inside and out

With sound of water
Wind rustles overhead leaves
Spirit flows upstream

Sweating from the sun
Soup chili peppers burn hurt
Sweaty from the food

Too hot food not fun
The spices too aggressive
Pain not need in me

robin – foto by Smith


lady’s day

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Lady August 3, 2009 – foto by Smith

Jesus Crisis has posted 10 videos of Lady reading her poetry as the featured reader of the May 2009 Lix & Kix monthly poetry series.

You can go to his Shake Your Buddha home page at and click on these individual links:

Monsters Have Appetites Like Black Holes

Our Best Memory

Our Dog



What’s Up Doc, You Spooked?

Pepsi Is Not Milk

Valley Girls


Unsustainable Point of View

Jesus Crisis a.k.a. John Burroughs is a poet, publisher, musician and blogger. His blog the tao, how, and what now of Jesus Crisis includes the best online library of poetry past and present I’ve come across. Check it out at Chronicles Online Library.

It includes 6 of Lady’s poems and 13 of mine.

Lady June 21, 2009 – foto by Smith

Lady June 15, 2009 – foto by Smith


cheat your chains

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

what goes round – foto by Smith

One wonders why the status quo in the US continues. I’m surprised we don’t turn on the powerful, rip their arms off, and beat some morality into them with the bloody stumps. After all, every day the news contains report after report of:

police beating civilians
priests raping boys
televangelists fleecing their flock
ceos stealing from customers
ceos stealing from companies
ceos stealing from government
ceos killing customers
politician theft
politician adultery
politician sodomy
politician cowardice
politicians killing civilians
the rich stealing from everybody
bigots killing minorities
bankers lying
bankers stealing
police stealing
police lying
police killing
radio talk show hosts hate mongering
lawyers lying
lawyers stealing
disease creeping
global warming tipping
money skipping
values dipping
kids lipping
ids slipping
meds gripping
it itting
shit shitting
and the good weeping

The it it is ain’t right, and we the people need to do some things to make it better, fairer, squarer because the rich and powerful aren’t suddenly just going to stop stealing and give it all back voluntarily.

Rise up. Beat your masters bloody with morality.

And if that doesn’t work, eat the fuckers and use what’s left for fertilizer.

passion cluster – art and foto by Smith


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