Month: September 2009

  • sky light

    sky hole – foto by Smith We attend a monthly poet’s workshop called Rufus where 6 to 12 of us gather at a coffee shop and each read one poem to the others, whereupon they ask questions and offer suggestions and criticisms. Didn’t have the time or inspiration to write a new poem this month, […]

  • car crash, customization by smith

    car customization and foto by Smith This is one blog I’d rather not have been able to write. I’ve been promoted from Corporal Clumsy to Major Bummer. I got our car clobbered two hours ago; smashed the left front fender, bent the hood, totaled the headlight, loosened the bumper. I’d driven over to pick up […]

  • excerpt from criminal

    Lady and I in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper 9.23.2009 – foto by Larry Roberts Turns out Lady and I did have our foto in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for reading G20 protest poetry… I found it doing an internet search. I love the internet. Friday night Lady K and I read at the 3rd annual writers […]

  • the mattress factory

    Mattress Factory pitch black room with black light mist – foto by Smith Before we came back from protesting the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, we stopped by the Mattress Factory, a two-building museum of installation art which I’d been avoiding because I’d thought it was the Andy Warhol Museum, since Warhol called his studio The […]

  • hum job

    Military Hummer parked in front of the Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA – foto by Smith My invisible fantasy MySpace friend Herbert asked to see more of the velvet rope the Army Hummer was parked in front of. The velvet rope is in front of the Hotel Hilton, which paid for a gigantic welcoming banner to […]

  • g20 protest and poetry

    G20 Summit Pittsburgh PA Sept 2009 – foto by Smith Just got back from the G20 protest and poetry reading in Pittsburgh – cops and fuzz and Army and State Troopers and National Guard and Military Police and more and more cops everywhere interspersed with Military helicopters flying overhead, Army camouflaged Hummers, sirens, Military convoys, […]


    PASSENGER-SIDE THOUGHTS Worry is the crux of a lever that I use to destroy myself, an internal machine of twisted mirrors, no way out signs. There’s always a way out. There’s a metaphysical spaceship, a perspective with self loft, a bootstrap antigravity easy machine. It works moment by moment pebbles. No thought, or thought with […]

  • moistman

    me changing into my superhero uniform in a bank entry way – foto by Smith Lady’s worried about humanity, thinks it needs saving. So to ease her worry I tell her my secret identity, that I’m the superhero known as Moistman, Savior of Humidity. No, no, not humidity, she cries, humanity! Pshaw on humanity, they’re […]

  • slouching bethlehem belly

    our cat’s belly – foto by Smith I captioned one of my fotos in yesterday’s blog “the center does not hold.” That’s a riff on the third line from this 1919 poem by W. B. Yeats that I love. Like it so much that I riffed on its last line in my poem Promise Land, […]

  • Exquisite Corpse – Facebook Collaboration

    All for the love of cars grass and fresh fruit Would we wander the asphalt orchards thinking we had participated in creation Reach through blackened limbs to claim our apple-prize but catch only vermiform tendrils? Once verdant leaves tumble to the ground in a rusty and rustic downpour their annual autumnal dance of death with […]