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Exquisite Corpse – Facebook Collaboration

All for the love of cars
and fresh fruit

Would we wander the asphalt orchards
thinking we had participated in creation

Reach through blackened limbs to claim
our apple-prize but catch only vermiform

Once verdant leaves tumble to the ground
in a rusty and rustic downpour
their annual autumnal dance of death
with dappled patterns of faery moonlight
make crisp scraping echos
through the chill air
while shadows of shadows embrace
the exquisite corpse
and its growing of hair

My horror and fear
at my own shadow’s barren skull
belied the exquisite corpse
I loved so dear

This is where he lived–
in the cracks of the sidewalk
in between the solid slabs of
concrete and sandstone
brick and graveled paths

Alone upon shifting sandstorms
a mind’s eye in a hurricane shell
he sleeps in amulets of soft revolution
chasing the formless path

Then from deep within
a sound emerges
a tonal vibration

Slowly building to resonate
with wind and earth
the very grains of sand
move in tune with mind
with spirit
with being…

she was unable to suppress
her fart

It was noisy and foul of odor
not nullified by the burning wiccan sage

In the moonlight
the shadows stood before her
resplendent in their formless beauty
enveloped in smoke and fire
they danced…
and about her feet
the wadded discarded clutter
of a spent day blurs
the distinction
between wonder
and blunder

By Jayce Renner, Kerstin-Gmucs-Cawley-thornburg, Blayne Hoerner Murray, Susanna Schwacke, Jen Pezzo-Kerowyn Rose, Smith, Keisha Davenport, Dianne Borsenik, Mark Kuhar, Richard Hearn, Charlotte Mann, Chris Brooks, Rich Dustin & John Burroughs

Formatted by Lady K

4 Responses to “Exquisite Corpse – Facebook Collaboration”

  1. jesus crisis says:

    Love it! Very well done – like how you broke up the lines – grateful to be a part of it!

  2. Curt says:

    Love the final product. Am curious as to how it was brought about.

  3. Lady says:

    In the process of building an exquisite corpse, each contributor only sees the previous line. I managed all the contributions and line passing via Facebook email.

  4. […] Recently, our friend Lady K was moved to initiate a Facebook version of this game (contributors included Jayce Renner, Kerstin-Gmucs-Cawley-Thornburg, Blayne Hoerner Murray, Susanna Schwacke, Jen Pezzo, Steven B. Smith, Keisha Davenport, Dianne Borsenik, Mark Kuhar, Richard Hearn, Charlotte Mann, Christina Brooks, Rich Dustin & me).  Lady then formatted the resulting poem and posted it on her blog.  Despite each of us knowing only one line of the poem when we sent her our own individual lines, I think the final product is something of which we can all be proud.  You can view the corpse for yourself at […]

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