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hum job

Military Hummer parked in front of the Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA – foto by Smith

My invisible fantasy MySpace friend Herbert asked to see more of the velvet rope the Army Hummer was parked in front of. The velvet rope is in front of the Hotel Hilton, which paid for a gigantic welcoming banner to hang from the front of the hotel. I find the military vehicle parked in front of their welcoming mat most ironic.

The 6 fotos below are bits of our Pittsburgh hosts’ house. They’re both poet activists and as you can see from their Stop The Draft poster, they’ve been at it a long time.

fotos of our hosts’ house – fotos by Smith

2 Responses to “hum job”

  1. Jack McGuane says:

    That bug has the right idea–pray for peace?

  2. ke says:

    Does anybody still know what a ‘hum job’ is?

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