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sky light

sky hole – foto by Smith

We attend a monthly poet’s workshop called Rufus where 6 to 12 of us gather at a coffee shop and each read one poem to the others, whereupon they ask questions and offer suggestions and criticisms.

Didn’t have the time or inspiration to write a new poem this month, so I took one I’d written and blogged in Croatia in 2006 and hadn’t seen since, and revised it for the better. It made me realize I have a couple dozen poems I wrote on our journey and blogged and then never saw again that might be worth revisiting and revising.

In Time and Tide

The sea takes color from the sky
The sky water from the sea

In sharing shore rhyme and reed
Feed and flow form to need

While we

Unfertilize skies with lies
Mime death’s unliving power

Bleed need greed unheed
Knot dead our daily hour

So what’s it to be

The cabbage and the cauliflower?
Or cemetery ceremony?

 – written Liznjan, Croatia 11/20/06
    revised Cleveland, Ohio 9/26/09
    Steven B. Smith

dead penny – foto by Smith

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  1. jc says:

    Very good poem

    Intriguing name for a poetry workshop

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