Month: October 2009

  • famous film franchises

    Hollywood – foto by Smith Movies help form public opinion, so let’s see which films have so resonated with the public mentality that they’ve spawned innumerable sequels, prequels and remakes, thus morphing into Famous Film Franchises. It’s somewhat scary that there have been 6 Rockys and 4 Rambos, but at least some serious quality triumphs […]


    By day, Smith works the sails. By night, he checks the stars. The sea is silent, calm. I sit on the floorboards, working on my transcendental trapezohedron device. I look up and see the constellations, but they are wallpaper. When I am hungry, Smith feeds me. Mostly I forget to eat. When I lift my […]


    I feel like I have a lot of ideas in my head and it’s like I’m giving in to excellence (I hope.) I have always had this concept that I just need to give in to excellence, that it’s something one dives into full force. It’s like being carried away in a current, a strong […]

  • wife, dead mom, and me

    Southwest corner of our sitting room – foto by Smith Seems to be a paucity of words in my mind lately, so here’s some art from wife, dead mom and me. The cylinder on the floor is a play tunnel for our cat. K59, 2006, 12″ x 17″, Lady K – foto by Smith This […]

  • smith & lady

    Smith – foto by Smith me and she and Lady – foto by Smith


    Today I am a recorder of the comfortable and mundane. Miracles can be had in the folded curtains of empirical reality. I usually bypass them in a drive-by assassination, oblivious to the moment. Today is holy in the motes of hanging dust, the Sunday morning calliope of sunlight through venetian blinds. It varies to a […]

  • Leaping down the falls into the basket of death

    sunshine’s shadow – foto by Smith “Leaping down the falls into the basket of death.” I stole that line from one of Lady’s poet friends here at a collage party. I figured it fit these headlines I harvested from Main, Middle and Minor Media this past week. ~ ~ ~ Man Charged After Making Coffee […]

  • six smith

    living room art group 2 – foto by Smith Here are six since 1994. I’ve been making this stuff since 1965, but didn’t really get serious until 1978. Since then, I’ve become a legume in my own mine. My Fair Lady, 1996, 15″ x 12″ – collage and foto by Smith Lady liked this one […]

  • brother mother n me

    brother mother n me – foto by Smith Moving on to the living room, here’s an art grouping of pieces by Vincent “Cat” Smith (1957-1987), Florence “Mother Dwarf” Smith (1926-2005), and me (still here). Wave, 1980, 5″ x 7″, Cat Smith – foto by Smith Winner Must Be Present, 1980, 5″ x 7″, Cat Smith […]


    digital collage by lady k