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Leaping down the falls into the basket of death

sunshine’s shadow – foto by Smith

“Leaping down the falls into the basket of death.”

I stole that line from one of Lady’s poet friends here at a collage party. I figured it fit these headlines I harvested from Main, Middle and Minor Media this past week.

~ ~ ~

Man Charged After Making Coffee Naked

Fox Cancels Reality Channel

‘Ho White and the Seven Dwarves’ beer advert angers Disney

Woman’s Rape Called “Pre-Existing Condition” By Insurance Companies

Somali Islamists Whip Women For Wearing Bras

African Children Denounced As Witches By Christian Pastors

Where To Get a Great Deal on Holy Bone Shards and Other Sacred Relics

Book Burning: North Carolina Church To Destroy “Satan’s Books”

Spreading hate in God’s name

Does God exist?

Arizona Man Ran Down Daughter With Car Because She Was Too “Westernized”

Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty To Driving Drunk In Motorized La-Z-Boy

Fake Engine Noises May Be Added To Hybrid Cars

Moscow To Ban Snow

Ice skating bear kills Russian circus hand

Chimps Display Altruism And Humanlike Good Will

‘Doing Good’ Isn’t Genetic, Study Says

Rich Germans Demand Higher Taxes

used inquiry – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “Leaping down the falls into the basket of death”

  1. jc says:

    ferlighetti’s Her
    faces an Inquiry into Life
    going “fourth
    a yellow sticker inscribed
    with dyslexic dues

  2. jc says:

    Better yet?

    ferlighetti’s her
    faces an inquiry into life
    going fourth
    enters an upside
    yellow sticker inscribed
    with dyslexic dues

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