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As Our Brains Shrink

lov rat – foto by Smith

I’ve harvested too many heavy headlines from the news these past two weeks and a bad chunk of them are grim sad mean and downright perverted. I’ve had enough of gritty nitty reality, so here are some of the lighter lines, leaving the larger darker horrors on the cutting room floor.

~ ~ ~

Toys For Tits

The Government Is Trying To Control My Breasts

I Was Told To Have Boob Job

$3M Bra

Boobs & Balloons At Victoria’s Secret Show

Colombian Chefs Create Viagra-Laced Dessert

Man Marries His Video Game Girlfriend

Sex, Please, We’re British

Youth Group Rap Advocates “Side-Hugs” Over Sinful “Front-Hugs”

Spray-On Jesus

Michael Jackson’s glove sells for $350,000 at auction

CNN Gave Dobbs $8 MILLION To Leave!

7 Great Products For Telling The World You’re A Rich Jerk

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk: So You Can Work While you Drive?

Electronic Polar Bears Replace Real Bears At St. Louis Zoo

Galileo’s Lost Tooth, Fingers Found By Italian Collector

A ‘Meat Band-Aid’: Mass-Produced Living Tissue Could Help Healing

Roadrunner, Conch, And Pork Brains: The Craziest Canned Foods Ever

A plague of flatulence

Humans Still Evolving As Our Brains Shrink

Dad Locked Kids In Trunk While Running Errands

Cell Phone Use Linked To Brain Changes

Think Like An Intellectual

They’re Getting Rid of Whom

~ ~ ~

This is Whom, once again reporting backside the unemployment line in the shallow end of the gene pool just the other side of Looking Glass Gone where we all see our strangeness in the black water’s reflection.

C bar C – foto by Smith

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