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caged dice and dead birds

north east corner dining room – foto by Smith

Back to the art fart park.

(Have to blog quickly while Lady’s out jogging, before she comes back and takes my computer to do paying work. This loss of my umbilical cord computer and internet access is driving me bug fucky).

Lady and I have 90+ pieces of art by dead Mother Dwarf Smith, dead brother Cat Smith, live wife Lady K Smith and me Smith Smith displayed in eight room/nook/crannies of our apartment in 30-some installations. We walk from gallery display thru gallery display to gallery display to eat sleep shave bathe defecate in beneath around between art – art brut, art primitive, art outside the barcode box.

Here are five more.

Sojourn, 2001, 17″ x 34″, Smith – foto by Smith

Used a dead bird skeleton and some bird skulls found on the roof plus a couple chicken heads from the West Side Market. From life to death – the journey we’re all on

Dice Cage, 1997, 18″ x 18″, Smith – foto by Smith

This was done on an embroidery circle. It is a riff on Einstein’s saying that God doesn’t play dice with our universe. I suspect there’s a lot of dice playing going on.

I Want, 1988, 14″ x 14″, Smith – foto by Smith

“Regardless of my credit experience, I WANT” – sums up America, sums up religion, sums up too many of us.

Green Cheese, 1999, 8″ x 8″, Mother Dwarf Smith and Smith – foto by Smith

Mom (Mother Dwarf) put a bunch of metal on a plate and fired it in her kiln. She didn’t like the results so asked me if I would finish it. I added my liquid copper corrosion and some diffraction grating paint to make it shimmer. The title refers to the moon being made of green cheese.

– foto by Smith

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