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cyber shadow

me no write right – foto by Smith

Black day here at the Smith’s computer ranch.

Lady’s laptop refused to boot up for 4 hours, then came up with an unreadable screen. Turned it off and on to find black screen death.

So she switched to her old computer. It died within an hour from overheating and now it too won’t boot up.

Our Nepalese poet guest Yuyutsu’s laptop looks like it got hit with a virus, but Lady got around that so at least he’s still online.

That leaves me and mine – we’re working fine. Unfortunately Lady needs a computer to do the web work she’s doing for her mother’s company which means I have to give up my computer so she can earn us some money to survive in this super-expensive country called the United Corporate State of American Consumers, so I’m left on-line-less and computerless.

It’s scary how dependent I’ve become on my laptop parasite and the internet – my computer and I have become a symbiotic chimera and I’m lost without being able to type my words, process my fotos, or surf the cyber whorl.

Tried writing on paper with pen but it’s so slow, more for notes than actual composition.

So for the next few days I’ll be a cyber shadow, having to sneak in in-between Lady’s on-line-ness (she’s out running right now – that and her bath will give me 90 minutes).

So, seize you on the downsize. This is Smith reporting once again from the tarnished crackling silver backside of the looking glass.

cyber shadow Smith – foto by Smith

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  1. MadM says:

    Bleah. Sorry. But: maybe an opportunity to go out in search of re-magic?

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