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hermit’s anonymous

Yuyutsu reading at Visible Voice Bookstore – foto by Smith

Been a long nine days.

Spent three days cleaning out our second bedroom so the Nepali poet Yuyutsu Ram Dass Sharma could stay with us for 10 days. The room was where we’d put anything that didn’t go anywhere when we moved in – like 60 big boxes containing 4,552 VHS videos of movies from 1894 through 2006 – so it was a serious mess.

Then Yuyu arrived Wednesday and we had his featured readings Wednes and Thurs night.

Friday we took him to artist Chiplis’ found neon studio, then over to musician Peter Ball’s so he could record his poetry, then to two art openings that night.

Saturday one of his fans (a Maoist Zen Buddhist) took him around town. Saturday night we went to a potluck party at an artist/poets, and then his Maoist took him out to a concert.

Yesterday we gave a potluck party for him. Had at least 30 poets and artists and a few civilians here, which was interesting since we have seating for nine. It was a marvelous gathering with one great poet after another popping up performing their work in a 45 minute round robin of unscheduled poetry.

Today take him to a laundromat, then drop him off at Peter’s so they can finish their music/poetry jam session. Thursday we’ll take him out to Lady’s folks for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday isn’t covered yet, but I think I’m just going to ignore everyone because I’m not a people person; normally 1 or 2 people a month is more than enough for me and so far this week there’s been at least 100.

Lady’s talking of turning our second bedroom into a poet’s residency, having traveling poets come through and stay a week at a time. A great concept for networking, but it obviously entails being with more people which in my book is pre-paid Purgatory time, by which I mean each social gathering is suffering for me so I figure all my social suffering during life on this Earth counts as time already suffered so that same amount of time will be deducted from my time in Purgatory.

Of course this doesn’t do me much good because both Hell and Purgatory are here and now in this life on Earth, and I don’t really believe in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, or this Earth.

The bottom line – we gave temporary sanctuary to a traveling poet from Nepal who sold enough of his books (he has eight) to cover this leg of his journey, we had our first party in our new digs, we’ve shown the cream of the poetic crop here in Cleveland our artistic and poetic chops (though most were already aware), and we set up an infrastructure for traveling to Nepal as performing poets as soon as we can afford the air fare.

If this keeps up, I’m going to have to join Hermits Anonymous.

Maxwell Shell, Peter Ball, Steve Thomas, Jeff Chiplis, Russ Vidrick, Cynthia – foto by Smith

Ray McNiece reading; behind him clock-wise Steve Thomas,
Steve Goldberg, Jack McGuane, Russ Vidrick, Peter Ball, Blayne,
Janet, Jean Brandt, Lady, Craig – foto by Smith

Ray McNiece and the Provost family: young Jackson, Karen, Terry- foto by Smith

Steve Goldberg sitting, Jack McGuane, Ray McNiece,
Peter Ball, Janet, Jean Brandt, Lady, Wendy Shaffer,
Yuyutsu reading – foto by Smith

Jack McGuane reading, Ray McNiece, Peter Ball – foto by Smith

Janet, Terry Provost reading, Craig, Jayce Renner – foto by Smith

Wendy Shaffer reading, Jen in chair – foto by Smith

Yuyutsu recording at Peter Ball’s – foto by Smith

4 Responses to “hermit’s anonymous”

  1. e b bortz says:

    even though we couldn’t be there, thanks so much for the hospitality
    and reading yinz pulled together…giving up on hell, heaven, and purgatory is understandable…but not earth…all the good we might
    possess comes from it.

  2. MadM says:

    This sounds great to me..spending time with your community (known, new, local, international), being a catalyst. I keep thinking of something my foreman in a print shop said to me many, many years ago, after I got a fat raise, a better job, and still complained: “You’d bitch if you was hung with a new rope.”

  3. kevin says:

    From one hermit to another:

    I woulda come but I had to work. That’s the excuse I use & so far it’s served me well. Don’t know what I’m gonna use 2 years from now.

    Anyway, your place looks great!

  4. Jack McGuane says:

    There is no purgatory, it’s hell or nothing.
    Thanks for a well hosted pot luck. Your art gallery is amazing. Too bad I couldn’t stay longer.

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