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living with the wound from a stray shot

ufo – foto by Smith

Here are the news headlines I did not post yesterday because they were too depressing, so of course I’m posting them today when they’re no less depressing.

Time Magazine has called these past 10 years (2000-2009) the worst decade ever, mainly because how badly George W. Bush and Dick Cheney screwed us in the U.S. and the rest of the world as well. I call these past 10 years The Aughts with the Naughts.

~ D ~ R ~ E ~ A ~ D ~ L ~ I ~ N ~ E ~ ~ M ~ A ~ L ~ A ~ D ~ Y ~

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

Cancer Victim Went On $80,000 Spree Before Finding Out She Was Going To Live

’12 Days Of Christmas’ Items Would Cost Over $87,000

Massive Sushi Fraud

40% Of Food Produced Gets Trashed, While 1 In 6 Go Hungry

One in Eight Americans On Food Stamps

1 In 4 U.S. Children Relies On Food Stamps

Video Of Diners Eating A Deep Fried Fish — While It’s STILL ALIVE

49 Million Americans Going Hungry

More Than Half Of Teachers Report Buying Hungry Students Food With Their Own Money

Kids Reenact The First Thanksgiving With Smallpox Blankets And Whiskey

Two-Thirds of Chicken Tested Harbor Dangerous Bacteria

Sex, Beer, Heroin and Cocaine: How Prosecutors Pay Off Criminal Snitches

Stealing Money, Selling Heroin and Raping Boys — The Very Dark Side of the Afghan Occupation

US Army Suicides Continue at Record Paces

U.S. Companies Kill 16 Workers A Day

Number Of Seniors Living Alone And Seeking Help Up By 81% In 2008

Economic Crisis Is Getting Bloody — Violent Deaths Are Now Following Evictions, Foreclosures and Job Losses

Pharmaceutical Giant Paid $500,000 to Psychiatrist Who Used Chicago’s Poor as Guinea Pigs

Teenager Charged With Murder Said Hobby Was ‘Killing People’

“I Couldn’t Give Up Jesus” For My Jewish Husband

Catholic Bishops Put Sex Obsession Ahead of Mission to the Sick and the Poor

Church Of Scientology Accused Of Torture, Forced Abortions

Santa Claus Actor Gets Prison For Part In Global Sex Tourism Ring

Peruvian Gang Killed People To Extract Their Fat

Lab Grown Meat Could Be Safer Than Eating Animals

Big Pharma Promises To Save Government $8 Billion, But Not Before Raising Prices By $10 Billion

Republicans Promise “Holy War” To Delay Health Care Bill

GOP Senator Wants To Let ‘Mentally Incapacitated’ Vets Buy Guns

Cult of Conservative Christian GOPers Backs Death Penalty for Gays With HIV

Uranium From Polluted British Petroleum Mine Found In Nevada Water Wells

Chinese drywall causes metal corrosion

Steelers Fan Killed Puppy Before Game

Rancher Jailed For Housing Homeless

The Vampire Banks Are Back

CIA Manual Of Trickery And Deception Declassified, Now On Sale

Women Now ‘Better With Gadgets Than Men,’ Study Says

Men Married To Smart Women Live Longer

Living With the Wound From a Stray Shot

don’t kill the messanger – foto by Smith

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