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poetry people plethora

mid north dining room wall – foto by Smith

If aliens hadn’t stolen my brain years ago, my mind right now would be awash in people, poetry, egos, ids, needs, heeds, feeds, and fatigues.

It’s a shame the aliens did take my brain because I’d hardly ever used it and was thinking of selling it on ebay as new.

But my mindlessness is still taxed, hacked and pre-facted into uselessness from a poetry people plethora, so instead of words I’ll blog two more of my assemblages, one less savory than most.

Road Kill, 1995, 33″ x 18″, Smith – foto by Smith

Some cringe at this one because it contains the front half of a dead turtle (upper right corner of alligator postcard), most of a dead flattened frog with leg bones showing (lower right corner of alligator postcard), and all of a small dead Florida lizard (lower right corner of piece). I conceived of this as road kill stew, so added my baby spoon and fork from 1946 in case the viewer gets hungry. I love to use non-electrical interactive material that changes as people walk by – like 3-D postcards, glitter, mirror shards, etc. The blues are from my liquid copper corrosion creation, while the grays are from my mixture of aluminum powder and acrylic polymer.

WPX5 (for Bird), 1992-2002, 30″ x 20″, Smith – foto by Smith

This is supposed to be a low space orbit radio station for Bird (aka Charlie Parker). Used hologram of a skull, mirrors, costume jewelry, copper corrosion and aluminum powder.

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    Mmm mmm good!

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