Month: December 2009

  • good times bad times

    color my world – foto by Smith I’m not one who devotes the last day of the year to introspection and analysis because I engage in both every day of the year. As well I don’t sit down making New Year’s resolutions to better myself because again that is a daily activity. The year’s been […]


    A very fatty, delicious, aromatic, tomato-y stew, flavor somewhat reminiscent of sloppy joe, more dense liquid than lentil. It’s full of antioxidants and fiber, satisfies your hunger for a good 6 hours & costs about 50 cents per serving.

  • eoy report

    ice on our car window – foto by Smith We began 2009 living a mile up in the mountains in Oaxaca Mexico down near the Guatemala border. We end it here under the gray cold snowy skies of Cleveland Ohio. This in the trade is known as a wrong-way-play. Here are the end of the […]


    I found out how to take photos of peoples’ true faces. I found Smith’s. It’s benevolent but sometimes kinda trickster. Sometimes it looks like an alien turtle…

  • 2 face

    Thought it about time to show you our true faces. We are not of this continuum. We come from far fractals through derived equations parsed in parallel planes. Take us to your Schemer. We mean no harm. We only want your water. Since you are destroying it anyway, we figure it would be ethical to […]

  • old cold gold freedom mime

    happy daze aren’t here again – foto by Smith More harvested headline weird schemes and nightmare dreams taken from inside this old cold gold mine of freedom mime called The Democracy of American Capitalism and Its Related Moral and Ethical Precepts in Action During Its Time of Decline. May next year suck less than this […]

  • good news vs old mold

    hearth and home – foto by Smith Almost every week I’ve been harvesting nasty horrible ugly headlines from the news and blogging them as a slice of where-we-are-as-humans feature. Then I thought why not harvest some good positive headlines as well to show the nicer more positive side of humanity. Well, I’ve been collecting good […]


    Cat bit Steve in the kitchen. She’d initiated a petting, and then turned on him and bit him, drawing blood. He was bewildered.

  • lady xmas eve

    Lady in south nook – foto by Smith It’s Lady K’s birthday today – she’s my Xmas Eve present from the past. This is her fifth bornday since we took up together. Before she walked over my doormat that said GO AWAY, I was a hermit who stayed home alone in the dark muttering in […]

  • which planet?

    coldfire – foto by Smith Outside the fire’s flame In this dark encroaching cold I hold my wife, warm This was one of 50 haiku I wrote in high mountain cold two years ago while picking Mexican coffee, yet find it’s true up here as well in Cleveland’s encroaching winter. Every so often Lady stops […]