Month: January 2010

  • mundania

    r u hungry? – foto by Smith Here’s a mundane poem about the momentary nothings that affect the flow of our daily lives, inconsequential details of non-moments told in non-haiku. I think technically these eight stanzas are senryÅ«, as are most if not all the 8 poems I’ve written these past 2 weeks containing 54 […]

  • freedonia

    poverty – foto by Smith Freedonia Gave up Lent for Lent Had enough of their Pay-now Don’t-collect-later Slick chains the rich play Around the poor to keep them Turning other cheek Your Trickle-Down plan Feels warm yellow sticky You pissing on me? Anything they want The rich take without asking And no giving back Republican […]

  • dear diary

    ectoplasm, West Side Market – foto by Smith Dear Diary Online mindless I Play Solitaire or Tetris In Zen nowhen trance Dark dreams in the day Feed on the shit left over From my happy lies Can’t keep being me All the time – don’t like just me Better be’s to be A common suture […]

  • cat noir

    queen cat – foto by Smith I spose I’ve gone too far this time, beyond the pale, too close to kitsch. Already been too many haiku — household haiku, funny haiku, family haiku, philosophical haiku, moral haiku, sex haiku, faux haiku, diary haiku, social satirical surreal brooding wide ranging bad and good haiku, senryÅ« haiku. […]

  • achoo

    Jesus bomb – foto by Smith Achoo Haiku! Gesundheit. Any towels with this shower Or is this dessert? I burble in blurts As I dabble in gamble Gamboling about Don’t have no handle And I too often dangle Within and without Capitalism — Unholy guacamole Batman, it’s a sham Rise, shit, eat, work, sleep Day […]

  • obscurata

    American pop – foto by Smith This is Lady K’s only household haiku, written about her father smoking two cigarettes simultaneously at her first wedding. Good dad wipes his eyes Cigarette dangles, candy Drips from fingertips – Lady K Lady asked me to explain my scorpion-frog haiku from yesterday. This is a fair request since […]

  • lady fotoblog

    Weird domestic scenes and beat-up buildings.

  • surfing sufi

    dead Marilyn 2010 – foto by Smith Surfing Sufi Need and desire Lie in wait to bait logic Mine over manner The truth relies lies To refocus demeanor And rectify whys Right and wrong waver Moral measures miss the song Basic good better To step is to start To continue the matter The race to […]

  • home haiku

    tablecat – foto by Smith Home Haiku Wife on the chair there Cat here by me on the couch Family circle I sit in the dark Sounds outside, in here, downstairs Third floor symphony Cat lies on table Tail twitching, body curved Sleeping liquid flesh Wife in bed by eight Around midnight I creep in […]

  • life lines

    plant roots in water – foto by Smith ~ ~ ~ Life Lines ======= Budget Money gets smaller While the bills, well they do rise Punch new hole in belt ~ ~ ~ Score Stash is running low The old guilt resurfaces Stay strong, or weak buy ~ ~ ~ Tempus The day steps quickly […]