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cat noir

queen cat – foto by Smith

I spose I’ve gone too far this time, beyond the pale, too close to kitsch.

Already been too many haiku — household haiku, funny haiku, family haiku, philosophical haiku, moral haiku, sex haiku, faux haiku, diary haiku, social satirical surreal brooding wide ranging bad and good haiku, senryÅ« haiku.

Yet here’s another seven-in-oner, only this time it’s feline lines.

Cat Noir

Food! And affection!
Clean cat box! And attention!
It’s ALL about her

Her sad meow of
Existential howl rends
But is fake, I laugh

Hug her to my ear
Purr rumble against my chest
Proper start to day

I give the cat ham
She rubs my leg in purr fur
Walks to wife for more

Suncat lies in light
Curving purr, lick stretch fur, yawn
So slow, motion art

The cat wakes my wife
Each morning at 4 a.m.
Get up! Time to play!

Cat walks a thin line
Between cute and obnoxious
Cuddle or cat gut

cat noir – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “cat noir”

  1. chris/ runewarrior says:

    Double duty posting… Love the photos too.. Didn’t say on MySpace before. Love the kat one….

  2. Being a cat man before my wife got allergic and we had to get rid of ’em, your pussy poems made me smile.

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