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r u hungry? – foto by Smith

Here’s a mundane poem about the momentary nothings that affect the flow of our daily lives, inconsequential details of non-moments told in non-haiku.

I think technically these eight stanzas are senryÅ«, as are most if not all the 8 poems I’ve written these past 2 weeks containing 54 haiku or senryÅ« – I’ll explore my thoughts on this maybe tomorrow in a poem titled The Haiku Police.

~ ~ ~


clicks on hum in the kitchen
two dark rooms away

Wake, rise, piss, shit, weigh,
brush, gargle, kiss wife, pet cat,
make coffee, sit, blog

Coffee in morning
Hot lentil curry for lunch
Dinner banana

I toke the last smoke
knowing the normal ahead
Contentedly go

Sit on couch and read
Sit on couch and do my work
Sit on couch and rest

Wife’s ex ran up bills
in her name, crashed her credit
Worm in man’s body

The interaction
twixt men, women, strangers, friends
is hopeless at best

Get your head out of
your morass and pick your ass
up off the ground, clown

snow – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “mundania”

  1. Jack McGuane says:


    Wash hands before kiss wife,
    gargle before wash hands, shit
    first, get swine flu shot.

  2. Good read –

    I’m writing your last (“Get your head out of your morass…”) into my “inspirational” quotes journal.

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