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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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Archive for February, 2010


Friday, February 19th, 2010

Walking round the rim
of an
altered state,
a deep


but narrow;


of broad-band



Faces pain
no gain to swallow
suffer now
though still
and shillness.

O wert I alert
and softer now
than then
I wallowed.

However then
have we ever let you down
have we failed you

high top waters
so sweet and fleet
your sunshine skinning.

-lady k

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I think
she had something else
in mind
rapture purr, not
a real closeup of her

no, she left
a definite no.

‘how ’bout my own

Wert you a sheep
wert you a sheet

I hear you now
but you have
an hour left
before we go
and have to feed you

Pretty soon, now,
pretty soon.
There’s actual hope.
There’s actual hope.

– smith & lady


#1 with 2 bullets

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Cleveland bicycle – foto by Smith

NEWS FLASH – Cleveland Ohio is Number 1 with TWO bullets — Forbes magazine honors Cleveland TWICE in 2010, and it’s still only February.

1) Forbes picks Cleveland as the U.S.A.’s WORST WINTER WEATHER CITY.

2) Forbes picks Cleveland as America’s MOST MISERABLE CITY.

As the Forbes article pointed out, “Residents of the Mistake by the Lake endure brutal winters, high crime and a tortured sports history. They are voting with their feet as the net migration out of the metro area was 71,000 over the past five years.”

Cleveland had a rough road to these honors since in 2008 it didn’t even make Forbes‘ top 10 Worst list, while in 2009 it only ranked #4 worst.

Wow, from total unworstiness to 4th worst to absolute worst in only three years.

Way to go Cleveland.

Applebee birds – foto by Smith


church bells, michigan cold, cleveland snow

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Cotton-eye Joe – foto by Smith

I received these 12 senryū/haiku as blog comments from six different poets artists this past month.

Some say haiku are about nature and the four seasons while senryū are about people, usually in a funny way.

Poet Jack McGuane says it this way:
SenryÅ«–Inquiry into the nature of humankind.
Haiku–Inquiry into the nature of the universe.

Seems to me poems about petting a cat or watching a cloud explore nature nature, human nature, and universe nature all at the same time– it’s all universal on various levels, so each is the other and neither just its own.

Here are the 12 comments in reverse order of arrival.

~ ~ ~

Wife, cat, health, talent
humankind, universe, both
the same, senryū-haiku

– Jack McGuane

~ ~ ~

shoveling snow
from cleveland sidewalk
just to see some green

– Ray McNiece

~ ~ ~

Wash hands before kiss wife,
gargle before wash hands, shit
first, get swine flu shot.

– Jack McGuane

~ ~ ~

the economy
is some dumbass bullshit that
i don’t subscribe to.

– fake dada [sumbitch]

~ ~ ~

who would jesus bomb?
imaginary people
cannot bomb people.

– fake dada [sumbitch]

~ ~ ~

Morning Smith haiku
glows from screen, illuminates
small wan winter day.

– Melissa Jay Craig aka Field Marshall May Midwest

~ ~ ~

the wife is sleepin’
unfortunately she snores
that’s why i nudge her.

– fake dada [sumbitch]

~ ~ ~

lots of haiku no
zing throw out haiku keep zing
zen for next haiku

– Jack McGuane

~ ~ ~

Gazing out the win-
dow I see naked trees and
no heat from sun

– Jack McGuane

~ ~ ~

shivering inside
not liking the ice and snow
Michigan cold sucks

– Rune Warrior

~ ~ ~

i do the left shoe
& then i do the right shoe
ev’ry fuckin’ time.

– fake dada [sumbitch]

~ ~ ~

keyboard sits quiet
room is dark with morning words
I hear the church bells

– Steve Reynolds

~ ~ ~

night angle – foto by Smith


the cat has 9 lies

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

yawn – foto by Smith

Nine cat senryū, one for each of their nine lies.

Cat Man Do

The wife, the cat, me
Energetic trilogy

The curved cat sleeping
Dreaming wet food affection
Thumbs to open fridge

Cat trying her ‘stare’
Sitting stone still and solemn
Unfed, unhappy

Now it’s all ‘meow’
feed me Feed Me FEED ME NOW
To her tune, not ours

I say to come here
She stares at me in disdain
And goes other way

Two ladies with me
On couch — the missus and cat
Fine ménage à trois

Cat sleeping on wife
Absorbing heat, breath, and soul
Creature of the night

May be worry times
But I have my wife and cat
Some health and talent

Hey cat lump on couch
Perform! Need more senryū
To fill my next blog

you talkin’ to me? – foto by Smith


serial cereal

Monday, February 15th, 2010

sun spike – foto by Smith

I like the short succinct 17 syllables of the senryÅ«/haiku. It’s a match made for capturing moments, the small thoughts that slide away forgotten much of the day.

I’ve been writing 5-10 verses a day and gathering them together under an arbitrary unifying title to publish the next day in blog. These are less a coherent whole than yesterday’s thoughts.

Serial Cereal

Electronic beeps,
Techno ringtones, hit song squawks
I hate Cell Fone Land

Night, I mull the day
Weigh where wrong could have been right
Suck lesson from loss

I got my I.Q.
But then so do you you fool
Both just making do

These are some weird times
I eat baked goods and sugar
to deal with the stress

When asked how I was
I replied that I endure
It’s got me this far

We’re all people
Picky and pesky in part
Even the heroes

Sleep eases body
Flesh mind in seamless ease
Through pockets of pain

Sometimes sleep slides us
One trouble to another
With but dream between

Darkness go away
Negativity be gone
Play some other day

snow on Akron Museum window – foto by Smith


Valentine’s Day 2010 status report

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Lady showing me I am her number one person – foto by Smith

This is my Valentine’s Day 2010 status report.

I’m with the person I want to be with and I’m married to the woman I want to be married to and they are the same being.

Lady K walked into my life September 9, 2005 and refused to leave. Two weeks later she had the key to my place; two more weeks, she moved in.

Six months after we took up, we married — only waited that long because she’d never gotten around to divorcing her previous husband and had to legalize it. Five months later, we sold our place and took off to wander in 10 countries on 3 continents for 31 months before moving back to Cleveland Ohio last March to try to find a literary agent for the book we wrote along the way.

She’s a poet as I am, an artist as I am, a publisher as I am, a photographer as I am, a web designer like I pretend to be, and as crazy as I am.

Plus she gives me dirty old man street cred by being 27 years younger than I am.

What’s not to like?

I love her oodles
She’s my love poodle
Makes my heart doodle

Hazy Lady & Lady Noir – foto by Smith


urban lady

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Lady behind the clear plastic curtain – foto by Smith

Lady K has ventured into the world of the online urban dictionary, adding three slang definitions. One never knows which roads or realities she will travel next. She’s the one who started our blog; she’s the one that created Wikipedia articles on me, Daniel Thompson and ArtCrimes; she’s the one that got us onto MySpace; she’s the one that got me reluctantly onto FaceBook. I will not know where I am to be next until she tells me where I am.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Thought bling

An original idea advertised in a social context to enhance the reputation of the person presenting the idea.

Ew, she’s such a brain. What a bunch of thought bling. Let’s rip her to shreds.

(intellectualism egotism precociousness personal marketing elitism by shadyladyk Feb 11, 2010)

2. thought poacher

A thought poacher consciously takes someone’s thought and presents it as though it is their own. To poach a thought, one must be aware of its source when elocuting it.

“She stole my hep idea, that dag-blasted thought poacher.”

(parrot mimic ape plagiarist pretender by shadyladyk Feb 11, 2010)

3. article bling

A citation or link to an article in a social forum used to advertise social, cultural or intellectual capital.

“I like how you prefaced that cool article bling with a teaser citation.”

“Nice article bling bootie.”

(eruditism social capital framing machiavellian reasoning game theory by shadyladyk Feb 11, 2010)

Lady behind the clear plastic curtain – foto by Smith


ying yang yodel

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Akron Museum window – foto by Smith

Ying Yang Yodel


Morning Moment

She sits her cup down
In slow motion black ripple
Coffee steam rising



Hug as we cuddle
A few kisses in passing
Two best being one


Sexual Healing

Inside explodes out
Organism orgasm
As outside creeps in



Gaggle of giggles
Free form fee fie fiddle flow
Laughter in the lane


Blue Monday

Her mind mental mud
From stress and insomnia
She no like her see


Wound Harbor

She bites herself like
A creature caught in a trap
Gnawing at freedom


Backside the Mirror

We will get through this
Reality that neither
Of us understands


Steady State

Too often we whine
As we wiggle away from
The good in the bad

brain wire – foto by Smith


six senryū in search of an umbrella

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Eye on I am watching – foto by Smith

Six Senryū in Search of an Umbrella

~ ~ ~

Don’t Look Back

The daylight frolics
But darkness always lingers
Looking for its chance

~ ~ ~

Good Grief

My stupidity
Today forgets yesterday’s wisdom
Ignorance redux

~ ~ ~

Memes, Myself and Lie

Slogans prowl my brain
Because my mean meme machine
Copies loops within

~ ~ ~


How now is thou thine
Your inner and outer mind
Sunshine and shadow

~ ~ ~


Yesterday’s guilt grows
In today’s uncertainty
Original sin

~ ~ ~


Bu Han tea blossom
Swells in grays and reds and greens
Hot wet aroma

speak no – foto by Smith


the good, the bad, and the misbegotten of animal articles

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Take This Home, 6.5″ x 8.5″, 1986 – foto & collage by Smith

Here’s a three part blog of the good, the bad, and the misbegotten of animal articles.

~ ~ ~

1 – Videos of animals using tools. These videos are amazing, affirmative, and positive.

Smart Animals That Use Tools, Play Soccer And More! (VIDEO) includes
Coconut Carrying Octopus
Crow Makes Tool
Mouse Steals Food Then Trap
Monkey Makes Hammer
Elephant Plays Soccer
Llama That Can Sort Colors

Videos may be seen at

dead Philadelphia rat in one of my assemblages – foto by Smith

2 – Dead animals and roadkill turned into handbags, jewelry.

Dead Animal Jewelry Turns Roadkill Into A Fashion Statement — view
: Large White Rat Coin Purse
: Pigeon Wing Necklace
: Pigeon Wing Head Piece
: Guinea Pig Comb
: Double Large Rat Head Piece
: Pigeon Wing Hair Comb
: Large White Rat Wrist Chain
: Small Rat Holding ‘Crystal Heart’ On Medallion Backing
: Rat Coin Purse, Redux

These delightful products may be seen at

dead Philadelphia rat in one of my assemblages – foto by Smith

3 – And finally the rest of my harvested animal headlines from the past 4 weeks, starting with a sweet one that made me smile.

Three cheetahs spare tiny antelope’s life… and play with him instead

Giant Squid Invade California Waters

Killer Spiders Invade Australia

WATCH: Top 5 Underwater (Animal!) Sex Acts

Farmer Kills 51 Cows, Commits Suicide

Dairy Farm Caught Burning Cows, Cutting Off Tails

Elephant Stampede, Bamboo Stick, Sleep And Meditation!

Green Sea Slug Is Part Animal, Part Plant

400-500 Dead Animals Found In Philadelphia Home

Iguanas Fall Frozen Out Of Trees In Florida

Duck Rides A Dog

Demon Sheep Craze

Phil loved his pet python, Victoria, until she tried to eat his daughter

Are horse parts really used to make glue or is that just an icky rumor?

Japanese researchers develop see-through goldfish

Is Eating Dogs Worse Than Eating Pigs?

Man Hugs, Kisses His Pet Lion After Favorable Court Ruling

What Is Your Nature: Are You A Frog, Scorpion Or Monk?

Supermarket Worker Accused Of Licking Chicken Jailed

(Any of these may be read by copying the headlines into your search

~ ~ ~

4 – Bonus stanza: The headline about the man licking a chicken reminded me of Station 4 of Stations of the Lost, for Lenny Bruce:

I’m impervious to plain
So I’m becoming mannequin depressive
Go out at night
Look up mannequin dresses thru dressing room windows
Down gaping blousefirm fiberglass form
Only female mannequins though
I’m not weird or anything like that
No sick puppy for me
Though I do remember fondly flocking an amoebae
While lost in amoebae lust
They kept bisecting
(were they bisectuals?)
And I used to go out after a rain to pick up earthworms
Take em home
Cut em in half
Watch em regenerate
(Aunt Em Aunt Em I’m home at last)
After awhile would have enough worm parts for an orgy
Though with worms I never knew which end I was entering
(going out the enter only, going in the only out)
Dead chickens and Vaseline are my favorites though
Cuz Vaseline leaves no fingerprints when licked

End Of Test, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 1987 – foto & collage by Smith


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