Month: March 2010

  • fogball angels

    fogball – foto by Smith Another help angel appeared out of nowhere. We drove 15 miles to pick up Guide To Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents 2010 by Jeff Herman $29.99. Got back in the car and it wouldn’t start – no click, no turnover, no nothing. I checked the battery – cables were […]

  • smart art eye candy

    collection of Butler Institute of American Art – foto by Smith More mind-eye art candy in a minute — but first, this warning from our writer. I’ve gotten diarrhea twice this past week eating in restaurants; Lady’s been struck once. Going down to Chiplis’ opening at the Butler Institute of American Art, we stopped just […]

  • down the rabbit hole

    collection of Butler Institute of Art – foto by Smith This triangular Plexiglas piece in the collection of the Butler Institute of American Art is composed of colored Lucite and a mixed maze of mirrors, I’m guessing. You step up and look down into the Triangle and it is never-ever-ending land, with each small change […]

  • pandora’s box

    doctor doctor give me the news – foto by Smith Pandora’s Box She sips rum and coke Smiles, glows Says “I like this” And sips some more And sips some more Wakes up weak Foggy, hurt Says “I don’t like this” Goes back to bed Next time Same thing The clock is ticking Its time […]

  • just like . . . whatever

    Lady K reading in Toledo Ohio – foto by Smith Finally, someone forwarded me an actually funny email (well, funny to me since I’m a wordsmith — perhaps not to you). Some of these student metaphors are brilliant, genius, hilarious, make me wish I had written them, while others cause me to wonder what these […]

  • 10 moral dwarfs

    a flag divided – foto by Smith I’ve seen a lot of less-than-honorable actions from George W. Bush, but this video of him looking at his hand in disgust after shaking the hand of a brown-skinned Haitian and then wiping his hand off on Bill Clinton’s white shirt pretty much sums up the mama’s boy […]

  • neo neon

    Jeffry Chiplis Neon Works in the 21st Century Butler Art Institute March 21-May 9, 2010 – foto by Smith These are shots from the opening reception for Jeffry Chiplis — Neon Works in the 21st Century Butler Art Institute — March 21-May 9, 2010 I’ll be adding these and other fotos to Chiplis’ section of […]

  • fly eye us and granny

    collage card made for granny-in-law – foto by Smith My granma-in-law sent me a bornday card and us a wedding anniversary card this month, so I decided to make a collage thank you card for her. Figured it’d be easy because collage is what I do — maybe cut out a few cutsie animals and […]

  • she me by me she

    Lady / Smith melding – foto by Smith Lady and I took these fotos of “us” down at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown while attending the opening of Jeff Chiplis’ exhibition titled Neon Works in the Twenty-First Century. The art work that produced these fotos is a glass door with lights that […]

  • Snoetry 2010: Steven B Smith reads 7 poems (10 minutes 53 seconds)

    hanging balance – foto by Smith My EGO is angry at the Crisis Chronicles Online Library — it has 23 entries for ME while other relatively unimportant nobody writers have way more, and I mean really minor talents such as William Shakespeare with 155 entries 1600s = 181 1800s = 322 1900s = 765 2000s […]