collage card made for granny-in-law – foto by Smith

My granma-in-law sent me a bornday card and us a wedding anniversary card this month, so I decided to make a collage thank you card for her. Figured it’d be easy because collage is what I do — maybe cut out a few cutsie animals and plop em down. But it wasn’t easy because most of what I cut out has dark or sardonic overtones to it because my collages tend to be cultural comments. Plus I have to satisfy my artistic standards as well – can’t just offer her a piece of greeting card offal. And just what sort of image do you make for an 84 year old pollyanisher – it needs to be sweet and cheery but not sappy.

Finally ended up with the collage above. I figure this to be the 55th collage in my recent book of 54 collages, so in the future this will be known as the “infamous lost 55th page”.

Continuing in an artistic cultural vein — It’s taken me 3.5 years to take 10,000 fotos on current Casio camera. Bought the original camera in October 2006 and have replaced it twice, transferring my large memory card from camera to camera. Last Sunday while taking fotos of Chiplis’ neon sculpture show down at the Butler Institute of American Art, my camera foto count hit 9,999 and rolled over to start a new foto file at 0000. It confused me – thought I’d lost all the special fotos from that day.

10,000 fotos in 1,277 days averages out to 8 fotos a day every single day (and some times the daily count has been as high as 50-70). I’ve been blogging two fotos a day every day so that means I’ve taken at least 7,500 fotos since 2006 no one has seen but me, with another 8,000 unseen fotos minimum from 2002 through 2006. If I died today, Lady K could blog two of my fotos every day for the next 21 years — not quite immortality, but a decent start.

fly eye us – foto by Smith

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  1. immortality the Smith way….

    Always enjoy your fotos..

    The collage page is tame by regular Smith standards.. but I like it.

    Your also good at statistics.. I have no idea how many photos I take.

  2. The goods!

    My first two electric keyboards were Casio – got ’em in the mid/late 1980s and they still work like new. One’s a mini (c. 12-inch) sampling keyboard I’m thinking of incorporating into an upcoming reading.

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