collection of Butler Institute of American Art – foto by Smith

More mind-eye art candy in a minute — but first, this warning from our writer.

I’ve gotten diarrhea twice this past week eating in restaurants; Lady’s been struck once.

Going down to Chiplis’ opening at the Butler Institute of American Art, we stopped just this side of Youngstown for lunch at Cracker Barrel. I took one bite of Lady’s order of chicken in yellow gravy and grimaced, then ate my breakfast eggs. Lady’s meal was so bad she only ate a few bites — but she was the lucky one; I finished my meal and got sick while she thankfully didn’t because hers was too bad to eat. She finds this odd because she’s eaten at Cracker Barrel for years and loved it, so hopefully this is just one bad link in their chain.

Then last night we stopped at Popeye’s over by 25th and Clark for a couple biscuits and thighs and this morning we both woke with diarrhea. Popeye’s is the only mutual food we shared. We’ve eaten there half a dozen times before with no problem so hopefully this was just a culinary glitch for them.

Of course we can not prove these restaurants were at fault, but in both cases the restaurant was the only food eaten prior to our discomfort.

Food poisoning is likely going to be on the rise here in America as we slowly sink into third world status while the rich steal all they can rather than reinvesting in America’s underlying infrastructure while divesting our health, social service and inspection agencies. Lady and I see our travel to Morocco and Mexico as pre-training for what’s heading our way here in America — no social services, no justice, no clean drinkable water . . . you know, what the land is like when we’re reduced to your basic survival of the richest.

And now back to the art eye candy, fotos taken down at an art museum financed by the very same rich I continuously attack.

The “painting” above as far as I can see is generated from a single light source at the top which is bounced bent reflected and mutated at multivarious levels and angles by being passed through varied colored gels to paint the wall with what you see.

The fotos below are of “Polychrome Cube With Cones,” 2001 by Norman Mercer (1916-2007).

collection of Butler Institute of American Art – fotos by Smith

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