Harold & Kumar owe me $3.66.

We watched “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” a couple months ago and quite enjoyed it and as a result became curious what White Castle hamburgers tasted like.

Well, I tried 6 sliders for $3.66 today and won’t be racing back. Maybe it’d help had I been as stoned as they were in the film. Lady did like her buttered biscuit though.

Kal Penn, the actor who played Kumar, was recently robbed at gunpoint in Washington D.C. — I figure it’s another movie fan who tried White Castle sliders after seeing the movie and wanted their money back.

Been a bad night and day all around except for some good poetry last night from a lot of people at the monthly Lix & Kix reading at Bela Dubby. Lady had brought her laptop to the reading to get some work done among the words and as we left her hard drive crashed. We’ve spent all day seeing what can be done about it and getting a replacement computer so she could get some work done until we find if anyone can save her dead drive data before replacing it.

Her computer needs trump my own because she gets paid to do it and I don’t so she’s been borrowing my laptop to work ergo today’s blog is late.

Another nice at the reading was a toy dispenser machine containing small packets of letter tiles — fifty cents gets one entire alphabet with an extra a,e,i,l,o,r,s,t thrown in. I bought three sets to play poems and find it’s fun but a lot of work – you build a poem letter by letter by hand just like the old Linotype setters did.

tile poems & fotos by Smith

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  1. NULVOID–what a great word! We went to Roger Craik’s reading tonight and he mentioned that poetry suffers fom the constant re-use of words. Not like art when the paint gets used only once. It got me thinking we might need to begin creating new words. Maybe nulvoid is the beginning of a new movement.

  2. Great poems! Glad you enjoyed the reading – very sorry to hear of Lady’s computer. I’ve got a crashed hard drive in my closet – got a lot of video on it that no one’s seen – plus music and pics, but it’s expensive to have the experts try and recover it, so I’m saving it til I’m rich. At least my job/work/livelihood (or lack thereof) wasn’t adversely affected – just my emotional state.

  3. Picked up a then-16-year-old son and friends after a concert and they looked pretty effed up (and I detected a hint of a familiar odor). So I drove them through White Castle and bought them all sliders. They thought those little burgers were the Best Things Ever. Suspicion confirmed.
    like the word tiles, looks like fun.
    Catch you on other side of nullvoid.

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