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the eyes are never full

Maybe Mona Lisa – Lady’s latest collage

Lady gets her computer back today or tomorrow with a new hard drive installed, at which time I’ll get my laptop back from her. She’s had to use mine to do her paying work, so I’ve been set adrift without my cyber symbiot to help me dip into my online all-the-time internet addiction of blogging, researching, and harvesting headlines.

Been reading Wolf Hall to pass the time, a novel about the court of Henry the VIII which won last year’s Man Booker prize; but while the story is sweet and well written, it hasn’t captured my interest after 150 pages, so I’m sending it back to the library.

Simultaneously rereading Sartre’s Nausea. Read it in my twenties and thought it okay but never really understood his nausea with life; now that I’m 64, I understand him much better. But while the book is well written, the anti-hero’s constant whining doesn’t make me want to rush back to it, so it sits in the bathroom to be read a few pages at a time over months, taking turns with an anthology titled “A Geography of Poets“.

Anyway here’s some unrelated mind candy to feed your restless eyes; for as the Old Testicle states, “The eyes are never full.”

signs of something – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “the eyes are never full”

  1. chris/ runewarrior says:

    Like the license plate.. I need one like that.

    So what is Geography of Poets about? An anthology of modern poets or ones from around the globe?

    The old testicle… ha! Good one…

    i always enjoy your mix of angst and humor….

  2. jesus crisis says:

    I thought Nausea a great book, but difficult to trudge through, and I’m not inclined to re-read it at this point, though I’d highly recommend it to others who haven’t read it a first time. Same goes for Sartre’s The Age of Reason

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