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me back in art flow flux

poster for The Pink Eye Book of Collage Release Extravaganza – by artist Leigh

We’ve been back in the States for 13 months now and I’m finally sneaking back into the art scene; I’m part of a collage show and art book publication.

I have five collages in Pink Eye Magazine‘s collage show opening next Friday April 30 and have been informed I’m to be one of a half-dozen artists to have a multi-page spread of my collages included in the attending limited-edition collage book — The Pink Eye Book of Collage — which features over 50 local artists’ collages in full glossy color. The book costs $20, which works out to less than 40 cents per color collage — that’s what I call affordable art.

Show is next Friday on Detroit Avenue about 10 blocks away from the Cleveland Public Theater. Here’s their press release.

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The Pink Eye Book of Collage Release Extravaganza
(An Art Exhibition and Book Release with Live Music)
Friday April 30th 6pm – 11pm
Wall Eye Gallery
5304 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102

Join the folks from Pink Eye Magazine as they celebrate their move from magazines to limited edition art books. Their first book release, The Pink Eye Book of Collage, features over 50 local artists’ collages in full glossy color. The opening will exhibit the works selected for the book (plus many more) as part of a large (over 150 pieces) salon styled show. Many well known local artists…in fact, too many to list, will be taking part in this exhibition of awesomeness, a must see for any fan of collage art. So come early – art will be sold affordably on a “grab and go” basis, and leave late – there will be live psyche-rock music provided by Freedom and Umm Qasr, as well as a plentiful bounty of beer supplied by (sponsor) P.B.R.

And the fun doesn’t stop there…the after party will be moving two blocks down the street to the Happy Dog (5801 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102) for more live sonic debauchery supplied by Hot Cha Cha, Film Strip and Beardo Bandini.

More Information at:

Pre-Order you book online at:

Cheers! – Leigh & Ian (the Pink Eye People)

Tremont Smith 4-15-2010 – foto by Smith

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