Month: May 2010

  • 9 lives

    Mature cat seeks young kitten for yarn pull You pull my yarn, I’ll purr yers… Schrodinger’s cat is dead, perhaps And we but lie, lie dreaming This tit for tat means this this ain’t that No matter what the ragweed’s weaving Riding now into never With every sly lie I’m cool cat copacetic In absolute […]

  • Bridge I – Piece in Progress


  • trickster god

    behind the scene – foto by Smith Trickster God I once knew a man who returned my shoes dirty yet kept his own clean Lady slippers – foto by Smith

  • odd lots in mod thoughts

    the snake and the Buddha – foto by Smith Heisenberg Reality is really fluxed up. The skeleton is the bridge that carries the flesh from birth to death My skeleton’s dragging. Lady’s morphing back into going to bed by 7 or 8 and getting up at 1 or 2 or 3 which means I go […]

  • Shopping list

    – cheese cloth – rivets – quality paper for letters of inquiry – envelopes – Listerine – wet food (we’re down to one can) Smith & Lady

  • right write

    but you can follow me cybernetically – foto by Smith 18 months ago I sent out 40-50 inquiries trying to find a literary agent for help in getting our book published, but all I got was totally ignored or no’d except for one woman who insulted my writing but asked us to send her a […]

  • grandma poesy

    Granny reading at open mic – foto by Smith Here is Lady K’s 84 year old Grandmother reading at her first ever open mic in this video John Burroughs aka Jesus Crisis posted on YouTube at Grandma Poesy – 84 Yr Old Open-Mic Poetry Virgin Granny’s reading her own poetry from a book she handmade […]

  • sartre, kerouac, burroughs

    sort of Sartre – foto by Smith I first read Sartre’s Nausea 42 years ago because that’s what young outlaw intellectuals did. Didn’t much care for it but loved that I’d bagged it for my trophy wall. Couple months ago I began rereading it because I could not remember one single thing about it except […]

  • climbing, killing, and cold

    metaphoric mountain – foto by Smith Coming back from the Annual Rainbow Gathering last year in Arizona, Lady was too tired to drive so I kept on trucking while she read out loud to keep me awake from Arlene Blum’s Breaking Trail; a Climbing Life about her adventures as a high altitude mountain climber and […]

  • faux flow

    road ghost – foto by Smith unrelated fotos that only seem to flow in oneness dino-eye – foto by Smith wheel of fortune – foto by Smith Lady and I – foto by Smith baby robin – foto by Smith train rust composition – foto by Smith Redikilowatt – foto by Smith Kilroy was here […]