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rosary candle cable wick

reflecting woman – foto by Smith

Was scheduled to jam yesterday with Peter Ball aka Apartment One. Just before I bicycled over to his studio I realized I wasn’t happy with anything I had so sat down and quickly wrote this sexual blues from 12:15 to 12:30. By 1:30 we were jamming — me on words and voice and Peter on everything else music and recording-wise. Did three 8 minute tracks in an hour and the second one’s not bad.

I love this computer age – at noon none of this existed; by 3 pm I was back home with my newly written words on a cd surrounded by music. I have to find a way to get some of our jams online.

~ ~ ~

Rosary Candle Cable Wick

Well it makes no difference to me
because it’s all 3-D Jesus you see
and that brings it down to thee and we

For you’re my validation baby
you know you drive me crazy

Makes me wanna rub your rosary
jump your cable
light your candle
lick your wick
hold and rub you inch by inch

Your fuzzy wuzzy fur
I’ll kiss into a purr
lick you like
we’re cat and cur
when limbic low I go
ain’t no one better slow

You ain’t no twit tweet twat
to that we put a stop
you ain’t no common you
but old old riff run new

Ain’t no twit twat tweet
but old old riff run new

reflecting man – foto by Smith

5 Responses to “rosary candle cable wick”

  1. chris/ runewarrior says:

    Wow.. that’s a hot one.. looking forward to hearing it with music.

  2. smith says:

    gotta find a way to make the music available – i have over 120 jam songs with peter ball, and maybe a dozen are actually quite good. . . most are just plain flat out weird.

  3. Jesus Crisis says:

    Dig the lyrics! Couple different ideas come to mind – you could create a MySpace band page and upload songs (if they’re in mp3 format) there. That might be the easiest option – and you can set the songs to play only or set a charge for people to download the songs or offer downloads free, etc. I did that on my page with some old tracks I recorded in prison. Also, GoDaddy’s Quick Blogcast software (which I use for my blog and the online library) has a built in “create podcast” function that allows me to upload and share tracks on my blogs/website (I don’t use it too often, but…). Maybe your blog software has something similar. Uploading them to a music sharing site like Imeem is another option. I’d love to hear them. Another option: if you have any interest, it would be cool to feature some tracks in the CC Online Library.

  4. smith says:

    i’ve got maybe 120 jams with peter – and i think at least 12 of them are decent enough to post. i’ll go through them, reduce em to a cd and eventually some unknown time down the line.

    oh, there are three old tracks online DMOMA digital museum of modern art

    there are three of my early songs there, maybe from 2003. let me know what you think.

    in fact, you should check out the section he put up on me maybe 7 years ago:

  5. chris/ runewarrior says:

    I’ll ask Marc Shepard.. Helen’s son.. he does a lot with music.. records and has a studio. there is a way to post music on Fb as well as MS..
    I’ll find out for you.. There is a way to also post it here on your blog as well..

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