Granny reading at open mic – foto by Smith

Here is Lady K’s 84 year old Grandmother reading at her first ever open mic in this video John Burroughs aka Jesus Crisis posted on YouTube at Grandma Poesy – 84 Yr Old Open-Mic Poetry Virgin

Granny’s reading her own poetry from a book she handmade herself.

Burroughs frequently tapes poetry readings but wasn’t recording this evening until granny came up and after her first poem whipped out his camera.

We go to a lot of readings and they eventually develop a miasmic sameness — there are 2 or 3 featured readers plus a plethora of poets for open mic, and frequently we’ve all heard each other countless times through the years; but grandma captivated all the hardened veterans and made it one of those evenings that make poetry worthwhile.

Lady K with her Grandmother – foto by Smith

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