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humans = weapons of ass destruction

welcome to the future – foto by Smith

Wow. I was cleaning out my old files and found this Mass Ass Attack rant I wrote October 2007 after being back in America for a month from 14 months of living in Europe and Africa. It was then we decided we couldn’t abide the continuing crimes of the CheneyBush Beast and took off for 15 months in the mountains of Mexico.

Anyway, it’s a fairly lean clean collection of potential end-of-the-world doomsday sci-fi future existence scenarios sneaking up on us right now right out in plain sight.

This was my goodbye to America, yet 2.5 years after writing it I’m again living in the States, back in the system, fighting the flow.

Even though I think the human habitat is heading straight for the shake cycle, I’m still quite positive, upbeat, and optimistic because even as we go around and around down the drain there’ll still be packets and pockets of people and places to free range roam around. If we don’t kill the oceans outright, we can linger for decades, and it is my goal is to be the last humanoid standing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mass Ass Attack

Good news for those with no retirement accounts, no future plans – the future ain’t what it used to be. It’s much smaller, for many a myriad multiplex of reasons.

Carbon dioxide is rising at a much faster rate than before in spite of efforts to reverse global warming.

In the 1990s, CO2 emissions increased 1.3% a year. Since 2000, in spite of trying to cut emissions, the growth rate increased to 3.3% per year.

Scientists are using the 1.3% rise to predict temperature increases.

So as bad as they say it is, it is minimum 3 times worse. Looks to me like the Mayans’ prediction of the end of times arriving December 21, 2012 is right on.

We’ve already passed the global warming disaster tipping point where all these symptoms combine to make it speed up due to interactive feedback.

The ice sheets in Iceland are moving in 90 minutes the distance the scientists said would take 10 years.

The oceans we count on absorbing all this co2 are super-saturated with it already and every month absorb less and less so things get worse even if we don’t make it worse.

And if the ocean’s temperatures rise much more, the massive amount of methane frozen on the ocean bottoms will melt, releasing it all back into our air. If that happens, we’re talking months, not decades before the end of days.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Best do what you’ve always wanted to do now, say goodbye to the rest, bend over, spread your cheeks, and await the next “nothing’s wrong, everything’s hunky dory message” from your friendly politician or CEO.

And global warming is not our only worry.

Scientists are talking of drastically geo-engineering the earth to halt global warming – their schemes include dumping massive amounts of iron into the oceans to promote abnormal plankton growth to suck up the CO2… dumping massive amounts of sulfur into our upper atmosphere to bounce heat away from the Earth… to put 37,000 small mirrors in orbit around the Earth to reflect sunlight away.

Best kiss your ass goodbye right now – because these are the same folk who brought you Bhopal India, Chernobyl Russia, Three Mile Island America, Hiroshima Japan, and Ronald Raygun’s Star Wars system which still doesn’t work.

It gets worse.

The synthetic biofuels folk are thinking of creating new matter from DNA building blocks – and then releasing these untested newnesses into the world to interact with real matter.

Then there’s the threat of actual atomic war from the madmen who kidnapped the White House [this was written when Dick Cheney and George W. Bush were in office], the threat of dirty atomic bomb suitcases exploded in American cities by the mad men fighting the madmen in the White House, the threat of genetically modified Frankenfoods wiping out the real edible foods, the threat of all the diseases and viruses our government’s experimenting with escaping into the world and creating Stephen King land.

Dumped so many antibiotics into our water tables that old fashioned defeated diseases are coming back as superbugs capable of wiping out continents. Not to mention the new flesh eating viruses they’ve found, and the bird flu swine flu frog flu blues.

There’s the threat from the huge ever increasing pile of trash toxins we’re dumping into our oceans which combine in unknown and unknowable ways while we’re raising the sea temperatures which will kill our coral, shut down our main ocean currents, alter the acidity of the seas, and murder our food fish.

There’s drought, rising sea levels, pollutants causing fewer males to be born (probably a good thing), the increase of serial killers and politicians.

There’s the ever increasing inequity between the rich and the poor which will lead to class war (I hope).

There’s the mysteriously dying disappearing bee population due to cell phones and Frankenfoods, so soon there’ll be no food blooming any more, which at least will solve our problem of too many fat Americans.

And it’s not just mankind fouling our own nest. We’re hundreds of thousands of years overdue for earth’s cyclic fadeout and realignment of the magnetic field, which tends to wipe out massive amounts of life. We’re hundreds of thousands of years overdue for an asteroid to hit earth and wipe out massive amounts of life.

And all this is just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg. There’s more more more I’ve not touched on.

Who knows, maybe Earth’s library card is way overdue and we’re being recalled to the rack.

Whatever, we’re fluxed. So the now of your life and the no of your future are reduced to how you’re going to spend your remaining time.

Me, I’m spending it with my lady love in strange lands not named the Undeniable Mistakes of America.

May you live in interesting times.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

no exit – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “humans = weapons of ass destruction”

  1. Ranger says:

    Great rant from ’07, and the fact that’s it’s still true makes it that much sadder. We as a people came enough to our senses to sweep out the Repubs, but here we are dumping the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez into the Gulf of Mexico every 4 days. We have the Governor of the Bank of England (one of the *truly* powerful financiers on earth) saying that the USA may be following the Greeks into default. We still have people actually believing that Sarah Palin should be taken seriously. If it were a movie, it would star Freddy Krueger, and the popcorn would have a warning label.

  2. chris/ runewarrior says:

    Great rant.. the sad thing is a good deal still applies today.

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