the snake and the Buddha – foto by Smith

Heisenberg Reality is really fluxed up.

The skeleton is
the bridge that carries the flesh
from birth to death

My skeleton’s dragging. Lady’s morphing back into going to bed by 7 or 8 and getting up at 1 or 2 or 3 which means I go to bed at midnight and get awoken at 4 or 5 inadvertently and sleep unevenly until giving up and getting up at 6.

Our mismatched sleep patterns make for conversation surreal.

Me – If I had an xtra $15 to burn I’d buy three small skinny glowing flashlights down at Home Despot – one red, one blue, one green. But money’s tight and we can’t afford $15 to play, so maybe I’ll buy just one for $4.99. Which color would be best do you think — blue?

She – What are you going to do with it?

Me – We’ll sit in the dark and watch it softly glow blue.

She – Really?

Me – Yes, we’ll sit and watch it glow blue in the dark and when we get tired of that I’ll push the button and it will slowly blink blue-off-blue-off and when we tire of that I’ll turn it off and we’ll sit in the dark and meditate on what we’ve seen and then start over and over again with blue glow, blue flash, dark until we’ve absorbed the lesson and we move on to a second flashlight I’ll buy red and we’ll watch red glow and flash and dark then blue glow and flash and dark and on and on until we buy green yes we buy green and we glow and we flash and we dark and we learn by golly we become one with the Innie the Outie the One the All the Both the In-Between hallelujah evermore amen.

Photoplay – foto by Smith

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  1. you’d be a big hit at any rock concert.

    Oh. and you’d be a big hit with Yoko Ono… the lighter or mini flash light is part of her spread the light campaign.

    especially if you blink it the right number of times. :-)o

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