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Archive for May, 2010

techno lady

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Lady tacking up her QR barcode outside the Doubting Thomas Gallery – foto by Smith

Lady’s QR barcode outside the Doubting Thomas Gallery – foto by Smith

A QR code is a square b&w barcode which connects your 3G smart fone to an internet site via your fone camera. You point your camera at the code and it automatically takes you to the web site; you don’t take a foto, just point.

our new qr image
QR or Quick Read bar code – foto by Lady K

Explanation of QR codes

This is the art & poetry page this particular QR barcode takes you to:

(Lady, bless her heart, chose to use one of my more iconic collage images and one of my more audience friendly poems for her first QR page).

I find this latest endeavor of Lady’s fantastic – folk can walk around the city, point their cameras at enigmatic QR barcode squares and connect to art and poetry and city site advice. Going to have to start calling her Techno Bitch — she’s the one who started our blog; she’s the one who got us on MySpace and FaceBook; she’s the one who tried unsuccessfully to get me into Second Life; and now she’s the one starting to move her web designing into the mobile fone world of the future.

Lady’s QR barcode outside the West Side Market – foto by Smith



Thursday, May 6th, 2010

a bridge can become a plank can become Wile E Coyote on air



Wednesday, May 5th, 2010


2 lady new

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The Smithsonian Experience by Lady K, 2010, 11″ x 9″ – foto by Smith

Mona Squared by Lady K, 2010, 11″ x 11.5″ – foto by Smith

Lady mounted her two new black & white paper collages on torn-off book covers, and now they guard our passage.

The small lump between the two collages over the doorway is a dehydrated chicken foot.

two new Lady’s guarding the gate – foto by Smith


pain and abel

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

chaos and disorder – foto by Smith

Abel’s Fable

Life is messy
People are frail
No one’s perfect
We’re all going to hell

So learn some compassion
Patience too
Help one in trouble
It could happen to you

solve – foto by Smith


11 in 5

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

It has been an interesting time book-wise for me — I figured I’d been in or on maybe five books these past five years, but it turns out to be eleven.

2006 – Lady and I were both in the final ArtCrimes issue. Of course I’m the publisher and Lady along with Beth Wolfe were the editors, so maybe this doesn’t count.

ArtCrimes #21 – foto by Smith

In 2006 I also had my true story My First Armed Robbery in the first issue of The Delinquent, published in London England.

The Delinquent 1, London, England

2007 saw my true prison story (Back in Black in White Film Noir) plus a humorous poem published in issue 2 of The Delinquent.

The Delinquent 2, London, England

2007 issue 3 of The Delinquent published my true story How I Met My Ex.

The Delinquent 3, London, England

2008 I had one of my fotografs used for the cover of Sara Holbrook and Alan Wolf’s book More Than Friends. The foto was taken inside the walled city of Essaouira Morocco – someone had scratched the word LOVE on the inside of the city wall over by the sea.

More Than Friends – foto by Smith

2008 saw me included in Cleveland Poetry Scene as one of eight poets born in the 1940s and 41 Cleveland poets over all. They included three of my better poems and mention in a half dozen of the articles for things like publishing ArtCrimes.

Cleveland Poetry Scene – A Panorama & Anthology – foto by Smith

2009 Lady and I had our fotos taken by Charlotte Mann included in her book Hotel Poem, each foto facing one of our poems.

Hotel Poem – foto by Smith

Also in 2009 Jennifer L. Price asked permission to use a piece of mine for the cover of her novel Phases of the Moon: Book 2: Half Moon. I haven’t seen what it looks like because I’ve not heard back from her once she received permission. I did do a search, and the cover I see online is not my work. This brings up an interesting phenomena – many people have emailed me asking for permission to include poems or art in essays, thesis’s, books, classes, and once I say yes and ask for feedback on how it goes, I never hear from them again. Most folks seem to lose their politeness once they get what they want.

Unrequited Love – 1989 – 16″ x 22″ – assemblage & foto by Smith

I had two poems in 2010’s Water Me Well, an anthology benefiting African water projects put out by Green Panda Press

Water Me Well – foto by Smith

Last month I was one of a half-dozen featured artists in The Pink Eye Book of Collage and I had half a dozen pieces in their attendant collage show at the Wall Eye Gallery. This means I have justified my creative existence for 2010 and can loaf the rest of year.

cover of The Pink Eye Book of Collage by Leigh Ring – foto by Smith

Within the next month I’ll have a couple poems in Fuck Poetry from Crisis Press. It was to be out last year but had publication delays.

Fuck Poetry – cover by John Burroughs

And finally, Avant-Gash, a new London England punk magazine just inquired if they can use my art in their magazine and perhaps interview me as well. I replied yes of course, but once again once I agreed, they stopped communicating.


I know there are more that I forgot, but these eleven are way more than I figured there’d be, so I’m a happy sappy.


neon works in the 21st century

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

detail of Jeff Chiplis found neon sculpture show at
The Butler Institute of Art – foto by Smith

I’ve put Jeffry Chiplis’ found neon sculpture art show NEON WORKS IN THE 21st CENTURY online at

The show is down in Youngstown at the Butler Institute of American Art and runs from March 21 through July 11, 2010.

As you can see, art shows filled with neon are fun, bright, cheerful, and make you happier.

There are a half dozen appearances of Lady K in the reception shots.

The shorter person in the installation fotos is the artist Jeffry Chiplis while the taller person in the installation fotos is Ed who works at the Butler.

details of Jeff Chiplis found neon sculpture show at
The Butler Institute of Art – fotos by Smith



Saturday, May 1st, 2010

–Lady K


pink eyed at wall eye

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

cover of The Pink Eye Book of Collage – collage by Leigh Ring, foto by Smith

The Pink Eye Book of Collage was released last night at their one-night collage art show and publication party at the Wall Eye Gallery. The book is a limited edition of 250 copies, 8 1/4 inches square, 76 pages, perfect binding spine, and contains 116 collages by 51 artists (with many of the collages full page). It sells for $20, if they have any left (you can check at we have book #37 of 250.

It is a superb book, excellently done, with a plethora of outstanding collages in a wide variety of styles and philosophies – and all in color on heavy coated paper stock. I’m proud to be included, and hope to qualify for some of their future art books.

Pink Eye Magazine was a free edgy art magazine distributed through the funkier galleries and coffee shops around town until their printing costs escalated to a point they were losing too much money so they decided to switch to limited edition art books instead. They have an easy, loose attitude and an excellent eye for art (it helps that they are both artists and decent people).

The collage show was also good – hundreds of pieces hung salon style. Here are my five pieces in the show – they range in creation from 1977 through 2008.

Smith’s 5 pieces in The Pink Eye Book of Collage art show – foto by Smith

And my five-page six-collage spread in the book – they range in creation from 1985 through 2010.

Smith’s 5-page 6-collage spread in The Pink Eye Book of Collage – fotos by Smith


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