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sold american / nipple fx / teddy bear

half a Doors – foto by Smith

I found three on-line word/music jams I did with Peter Ball aka Apartment One back in 2005 that are fairly decent and interesting, though of course somewhat odd.

I’ve been jamming with Peter for 7-8 years now. It’s an interesting process because I have no idea what music Peter will play and he has little or no idea of what words I’m going to say so it’s a one-time through free form unrepeatable process.

I have maybe 120 musical jams with Peter on various cds around the apartment, – and I think at least a dozen or two of them are decent enough to post. I’m looking into ways to do this.

I’m gonna be a rock star, or at least an underground musical oddity.

Here are three Smith / Apartment One jams online at DMOMA — The Digital Museum of Modern Art — at

My favorite is Sold American, but I like all three. You have to go to the bottom of the lyric box on each song and click the play bar – if the play bar doesn’t show, pass the cursor over the bottom area and it will appear.

W. Logan Fry, Curator of The Digital Museum of Modern Art, included these songs in an exhibition of my art and poetry you can peruse at

W. Logan Fry also has a bunch of other exhibits worth a look as well at

more coffee please – foto by Smith

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