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talk show smith

systems – foto by Smith

Life is more complex up here than it was in southern Mexico. It’s faster, more stressful and expensive, more painful too. But it is also more interesting, and inspires much more creation due to the greater mingling of artistic souls available here.

For example, Saturday a Detroit poet stopped by at noon and Lady fed us her delicious thick black bean soup. Afterward we went to the monthly open mic poetry reading at the Brandt Gallery only to find the venue locked, so we milled about on the corner awhile collecting strays and brought everyone back here and held the reading in our living room.

Saturday night I was a guest on The New Literary Cafe Talk Show, a local irregular internet production. I hadn’t seen any of their previous episodes and assumed it was a regular talk show, but it turned out to be much more surreal. The host — Dick Trainer — is of the Tony Clifton school of comedy where he becomes brash, loud, foul-mouthed, brags, is rude, self-centered, irreverent, politically and factually incorrect, and skip-about random. It was more drive-by mugging than interview and I’ve no idea whatsoever how I did because it was too fast and over with before I had a chance to look around. It’ll be online in a week or so and then I’ll know.

*update – Andy put up my portion of the show already at!/video/video.php?v=1445957555206&ref=mf — I come across as laid back and semi-lost, but not the total failure I had feared.

This all happened at The Literary Cafe (owned and operated by Linda & Andy), which has become quite the positive force for offbeat culture these past 3 decades– they hosted the Steve Goldberg / Nick Traenkner monthly poetry readings for years which proprietor Andy videotaped and put online on his blog every month; they have a weekly Friday night gathering of artists drawing a model; they host monthly art shows; and of course the talk show; plus there’s more I’ve forgotten. Andy has posted videos of Cleveland poets performing as far back as the 1980s (including me in a Wildflower reading in 1993 — in fact, I was surprised at a variety of mentions of me here and there in the poetry video archives).

Andy’s The Literary Cafe blog is at

his videos of poets reading since 2005 (including Lady and me) are at

while his 1980s and 1990s videos are at

(l to r) director Andy Timithy, tech Craig, host Dick Trainer – foto by Smith

3 Responses to “talk show smith”

  1. andy says:

    The picture of the crew came out well.

  2. chris/ runewarrior says:

    coool. already watched the video.. you survived! 🙂

  3. Jesus Crisis says:

    I’ve seen pieces of the talk show before – but your episode might be the first I’ve watched in it’s entirety.

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