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techno lady

Lady tacking up her QR barcode outside the Doubting Thomas Gallery – foto by Smith

Lady’s QR barcode outside the Doubting Thomas Gallery – foto by Smith

A QR code is a square b&w barcode which connects your 3G smart fone to an internet site via your fone camera. You point your camera at the code and it automatically takes you to the web site; you don’t take a foto, just point.

our new qr image
QR or Quick Read bar code – foto by Lady K

Explanation of QR codes

This is the art & poetry page this particular QR barcode takes you to:

(Lady, bless her heart, chose to use one of my more iconic collage images and one of my more audience friendly poems for her first QR page).

I find this latest endeavor of Lady’s fantastic – folk can walk around the city, point their cameras at enigmatic QR barcode squares and connect to art and poetry and city site advice. Going to have to start calling her Techno Bitch — she’s the one who started our blog; she’s the one who got us on MySpace and FaceBook; she’s the one who tried unsuccessfully to get me into Second Life; and now she’s the one starting to move her web designing into the mobile fone world of the future.

Lady’s QR barcode outside the West Side Market – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “techno lady”

  1. MadM says:

    O, I like that. Very much. Even though I only have a stupidphone.

  2. Jesus Crisis says:

    Makes me feel like a techno-child – ignorant, but full of wonder/awe.

    Second Life is one place I’ve not yet gotten – still trying to make sense of my first.

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