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unfine whine

back of Pere Ubu t-shirt – foto by Smith

Received this text message on my el-cheapo Net 10 cell fone last night – “Tel kebo bitch ass i ben outside 4eva.”

I don’t know Kebo, and I don’t know the sender, but if I were Kebo, I’d let his rude ass stay right outside 4eva where his insensitive macho self belongs. Since he accidentally sent the message to me, hopefully he’s still stuck outside. I thought about calling him back and telling him to go flux himself but restrained myself because I’m trying to spread less misery in the world.

We’ve been getting a lot of wrong numbers on our cell fones because the fone carriers reuse their discontinued numbers right away. I’ve found wrong number callers to be one rude bunch in general — they seldom apologize, plus often get angry as well.

In these past 14 months of living back here in the States, I’m finding Americans in general are becoming more selfish, less polite, and sloppier. Of course life itself lately is getting nastier and more desperate, so maybe they go hand in hand.

Got hit with employee sloppiness this morning at Wal-Mart. I went to pick up a couple six-packs of Guinness Stout beer for Lady. Put the first pack of Stout in my cart and picked up the second right behind it without looking. My dumb. Got to the checkout and found the second pack was some pale ale which Lady can’t abide so didn’t buy it. Took my purchases out to the car on my painful gimp leg and came back in, walked to the back of the store to get a second Guinness Stout and found they were out. So some sloppy employee or lazy manager just stole ten minutes of my life by not doing their job. Of course I was waaaaaay stupid to assume just because the front pack in the row was what I wanted that the pack behind it would be what it was supposed to be.

I understand people’s weakness and mistakes because we all have serious shortcomings — but we’ve all got problems, so quit slopping yours over onto me because I don’t smother you with mine (unless you’re my blog reader and then we both suffer my insufferability).

Too many people seem to be getting smaller inside as our world crumbles. Somehow I’d envisioned it the other way around — that we’d all become nicer to one another as our environment become nastier.

Dr Seuss WWII political cartoon from 1942 – foto by Smith

3 Responses to “unfine whine”

  1. Jack McGuane says:

    I’m your blog reader but you’re not getting smaller inside. Why the hell you think I keep reading your blog, it makes me bigger inside.

  2. matthew v. says:

    call him back and he’ll probably whine about GWB for two hours even though he’s been on longer the president. ah, forgot it’s all obama’s fault now. right. 🙂 lol. actually the local madison walmarts got pretty nice people. even if madison’s the western hemispheres official online snark capital. i think we should use this as our buzz phrase. ‘hey!… (steve… kathy…) … how’s it goin’, my b**ch @ss been outsYd3 43v@!!’ lol lol j/k.

  3. Jesus Crisis says:

    Good blog.

    Interesting that I read it while listening to Morrissey’s “Life Is a Pigsty.” Despite the title, I like that he ends it on a love note:

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