Month: June 2010


    Pay attention! Southern states (& the ppl living in them) are in danger, I think.

  • Calling All Egos of the Universe

    Auguring the Divine

  • life in the flesh lane

    beware the masque you wear – foto by Smith Time to harvest my last two pocket notebooks before I again lose all my street notes. Like most poet-humorist-thinkers, I always carry a small notebook to record stray thoughts for later use. If you write, you need to capture such thoughts when they whish through your […]


    Puppet works through some issues & feels really happy!

  • kafka’s klone

    banana pie – foto by Smith I gained 10 pounds by coming back and living in America. The portions are bigger in the U.S., the contents contain more fat, we eat more and worse due to our faster pace and stress, and we drive everywhere rather than walking constantly as we did out-country. Plus Lady’s […]

  • Zephyr Wiseacre

    Material–it’s not material–but if material is a holographic projection onto a 3D record player–onto a 3D record player–then what are we but little bits on the record? Goodness is not a centrifuge. Everything is everywhere.

  • Universal Concepts

    “I was thinking about making a Brady Bunch video and that way everyone could be a bohemian. And we could all play… bohemian.”

  • sex, perversion, body parts, beastiality, bumping uglies

    a girl’s number – foto by Smith I’ve got multitudes of serious things to blog about, but they take thought — thinking, writing, analyzing, perspective, common-sense to do correctly — and I’m limited right now in all the above. So I’ll blog my collection of sex and body parts and body function and functionless parts […]

  • chiplis lazarus

    Chiplis Repoetry – foto by Smith I wonder if Jeff Chiplis is related to Lazarus, especially considering how fast he’s rebounded from being gut shot. Our first report was that he was stabbed early Saturday morning on the 12th — not true, he wasn’t stabbed but shot. Later Saturday we read in the news he […]

  • Pure Cheesecake

    Premiere (or première, from the French première, meaning “first”) of the broken zipper puppet: “I am going to have all my elephants do pirouettes and from now on they have to balance balls on their noses.”