Month: August 2010

  • art by anna arnold, lady k, mother dwarf, cat, smith

    art by (left to right) Anna Arnold, Smith, Lady K Smith – foto by Smith Wanted to show Anna Arnold where we hung her painting that Lady K bought, but my links to FaceBook are fluxed up and don’t work, so I put it here. The Neon Hair Boys, 5″ x 5″, 2010, Anna Arnold […]

  • 22 years of wendy shaffer life

    Wendy Shaffer & Jean Brandt at 12-hour Snoetry Festival – foto by Smith Lady just asked me to read the proof copy of the soon to be released 22 Years by Wendy Shaffer Selected Poems 1988 – 2010 (88 poems, 200 pages, published by The City Poetry press) It is a a superb collection. This […]

  • yesterday

    yesterday – fotos by Smith

  • Judgement Day

    Worked on my projections yesterday to try and untangle some psychological knots.

  • mirror lady

    Lady at Wall Eye Gallery 8-2010 opening – foto by Smith “I am Mirjam, the Lady who dances with the mirror. The dinosaurs dreamed of birds. The humans dreamed angels.” – Lady K recent Lady – foto by Smith

  • Work the inside out

    To examine “our” intentions, “we” need to look at “our” aversions and wishes. “I” believe “we” all want a happy ending. This is why so many movies have resolution, happy endings.

  • 10 years ago

    not for individual consumption – foto by Smith A ten year old tirade of news, facts, and word doodles found today in a forgotten file. ~ ~ ~ 4/5 Tirade 2000 Jesus as carpenter was a wood worker. Jesus as Christ is a would worker. Today’s news, 3.27.2000 – super fish: scientists are trying to […]

  • Illusion

    Play City of Wonder

  • lurch limp lurch

    walk like a man – foto by Smith I now walk like my polio father, and my crippled-knee mom. With each left step I take, I flow to the left and up, then with each right step lurch down and to the right, like one of Dr Moreau’s four-legged animal experiments trying to walk upright […]

  • buried words unnecessarily excavated

    my case load’s full – foto by Smith It’s truly strange the words I find lurking in my own forgotten computer files. Going through my folders looking for a specific file, I kept coming across blurbs I wrote and forgot. Most are too negative or unworthy of development, but together they’re bloggable. ~ ~ ~ […]