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A ten year old tirade of news, facts, and word doodles found today in a forgotten file.

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4/5 Tirade 2000

Jesus as carpenter was a wood worker.
Jesus as Christ is a would worker.

Today’s news, 3.27.2000 – super fish: scientists are trying to
force grow fish twice as fast. Say it’ll save the
world’s food population. Evidently they never watched
the Roger Corman film “Humanoids From The Deep“.
Scientists there said the same thing, and the big, fast fish
came upon the land and ate and raped the humans.
It did solve the fish food problem, so it wasn’t a total waste.

If we have to, as we have had to,
and we want to, we will.
Put one foot in foot of the other,
the other in front of the one.

Queen Elizabeth and Barbra Streisand are both traveling to
Australia this month. The Queen’s entourage numbers 28;
Streisand’s is 100.

To satisfy one’s required 2500 daily calorie intake, you could eat
2 cheeseburgers, or 15 pounds of fresh strawberries.

The oil & chemical industries have introduced 70,000 synthetic
chemicals into the environment this century increasing the
concentration of carbon dioxide to 30% – on the other hand, last
century one hectare of land fed 3; today it feeds 80.

Life per time in the U.S.A.:
Population: 1900 = 76 million | 2000 = 270 mil
Life expectation women: 1900 = 48 | 2000 = 79
Life expectation men: 1900 = 46 | 2000 = 74
people in average household: 1900 = 4.8 | 2000 = 2.6
14-17 yr olds in school: 1900 = 11% | 2000 = 93%
% of population that is white: 1900 = 88% | 2000 = 62%
Average family’s income: 1900 = $3,000 | 2000 = $45,000

Notice 100 yrs ago women lived 2 yrs longer than men.
Today they live 5 yrs longer.

Joseph Heller (author of “Catch 22“) summed it up: “Frankly I
think the whole society is nuts – and the question is: What does
a sane man do in an insane society?”

“Well, back to the Resolution” – that’s what my Phoenix Arizona Indian
friend would say to me every time he’s head out to the Indian Reservation.

Israel is building a walkway just under the surface of the Sea of Galilee
so pilgrims can pay to walk in Christ’s watermarks.

Humans have damned up so much water that geophysicists say it has
perceptibly altered the way the planet rotates.

The special task force investigating L.A.’s police corruption has
uncovered unjustified shootings, beatings, drug dealing,
evidence planting, false arrests, witness intimidation and perjury.

This is a long road to whore.
We’ve become the curse of our mummy’s womb.
We can take nothing for granted, not even granite.
Night has fallen, and it can’t get up.

There are 2 “Jack Frost” films out.
In one, Michael Keaton is the well meaning dad who’s never
home cuz he’s touring in his rock band – he gives his son a
magic harmonica n sez play it and I’ll come…dad dies, kid
plays, dad comes back as the snowman in the front yard.
Warm fuzzies ensue.
In the 2nd, serial killer on way to execution crashes into
biogen truck and as he dies his evil life force combines with
the toxic bioshit and he becomes a serial killing snowman
who in one scene disguises himself as a hot bath so he can
molest the naked she bather.
I missed the 1st movie, bought the 2nd for its 3-D cover.

God says to Satan: “What do you do about a political party
that favors insurance companies over patients, tobacco over
kids, guns over victims, & then cheers wildly after voting
for the spread of nuclear weapons?”
Satan relies: “Hey, that’s why I became a Republican”.
That was in quotes in my notebook, so I stole it somewhere.

At our Ku Klux Klan rally last year, Cleveland had 0 arrests,
40 Klansmen on stage, 30 supporters in the audience, 300
anti-klan demonstrators, 119 reporters and 600 police.
489 of everyone else versus 600 police.
(Q: How many police does it take to make an honest man?
A: None – it can’t be done.)

“We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric;
but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry”.
William Butler Yeats

A cockroach can live 9 days without its head.
Beetles taste like apples, wasps like pine nuts,
white worms like pork rinds.
People are basically dark meat (we’re all black inside).
A blue whale’s tongue weighs 6,500 pounds.
70% of house dust consists of dead skin flakes.
A 4 year old’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s.
Vegetarians live 10 years longer.
People who attend church more than twice a week
live 7 years longer.
Women live 7 years longer than men.
Whites live 7 years longer than blacks.
Couples in long term relationships have higher levels of
endorphins – a morphine like pain killer… so it must be true,
love does hurt.

Learn and live.
Know need to no.
“The eyes will never be full” – the Bible.

past, present, future – foto by Smith

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