page 2 of comic of My First Armed Robbery – art by Blue7, words by Smith

Here is the second page of the comic book Blue7 (aka John Mann) is drawing of my true short story My First Armed Robbery.

As I said about page 1, I love it. I love the heck out of being a comic book character.

Blue is planning on turning three chapters of my memoir into a comic book called Criminal? – The Life and Times of an Honest Man.

Page 1 is below for those who missed it.

page 1 of comic of My First Armed Robbery – art by Blue7, words by Smith

3 Responses

  1. I gotta’ good feeling that Blue7 + Smith1 == BigTimeSuccess. It’s close to a perfect combination. May the ghost of Harvey Pekar watch over you both… will an appearance on David Letterman be in the cards?

  2. i would bloody love to be on letterman, though god knows how i’d come across. i never ever know how others see me, or how i appear.

    yes, i feel good about this. and no matter what, at the very least Criminal will be available for print-on-request at early next year, and maybe i’ll print 500 copies in india. i know i could sell 100 to 300 copies, maybe even all 500.

    unless of course an agent and a publisher appear. i’m rewriting my letter of inquiry to include a link to these two comic pages and blue’s interest in filming the story. but i won’t be blogging the rest of the pages. they can buy the comic.

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