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Philosophical Perambulations

I harvested these enigmatic, Dadaist, Monty Pythonesque headlines from online news services this past year. I have to – it’s my job – I work in the Headline Mines for the Head Line Mind and it’s against Company Regulations for me to mine or mind my own business so I search seek section and select these slices for your humorous and philosophical perambulations.

This particular batch solves nothing, but boy do they suggest a lot.

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Reality: Who needs it!

Darkness: The Lap Of Creation

Truth Has No Religion

Are We Hard-Wired To Suffer?

It’s a Jungle in There: Our Brains Are Not As Evolved As We Might Think

Top Scientist Argues Gravity Is ‘An Illusion’

Is The Universe Merely A Statistical Accident?

Some Scientists, Evangelicals Agree: The End Is Near

Scientists Inch Towards Finding ‘God Particle’

Illinois Man Changes Name To ‘One Nation Under God’

Finding Passion And Purpose In Suffering


Is Consciousness The Center Of The Universe?

Do You Have A Drunken Monkey Mind?

Scientists Say Plants Can ‘Remember’

‘Smart dust’ aims to monitor everything

How You Frame The Problem Is The Problem

Why Saying ‘No’ Is Saying ‘Yes’ To Yourself

Why ‘Good Enough’ Never Is

Why Building A House On Rock Doesn’t Mean Rain Won’t Fall

Why You’re Alive And Can Never Die

Why Counting on Apathy May Not Be Enough

The World Is Changing, Are You?

why is my banana backwards? – foto by Smith

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  1. Love the bottom photo .. is it Walmart? or Target?

    Interesting headliners.. I’m off to investigate the drunken monkey mind one…

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