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Hopes from 2010; Feedback from 2020

Hopes from 2010

Tropical Cyclone Malakas is in the Pacific and predicted to hit Asia. I hope it loses steam and doesn’t cause death. I like the way Igor and Julia stayed largely away from land. Hoping Lisa follows Igor’s path. Better yet, I hope Lisa moves north more quickly than Igor did and loses steam.

Floods – I hope Pakistan makes the right decision on the dam project–whatever will help alleviate floods and still secures water rights for those downstream. I don’t know what the right answer is.

Children are still starving in Niger. I hope we can help with irrigation systems or whatever needs to happen. I’ve read dubious things about the distribution of ‘free food.’ I would like for us to distribute food in an ethical manner, possibly buying food from surrounding countries if possible.

I hope it starts raining more in Niger.

Wishing the Democrats luck. I hope they really *are* starting to protect us ‘common’ people rather than bankers and insurance companies. I like that Obama has candor and isn’t terribly sound-bitey, though.
Feedback from 2020

We’ve since learned how to moderate the effects of hurricanes and to direct rain to drought-laden regions. Although still suffering higher temperatures, emissions are down due to the many advances in alternative energy and we are working on repairing the feedback loop that had started to run amok and reinforce global warming.

World population is going down as we’ve adopted China’s saner policy of producing only one child per set of parents. We are on path to a more sustainable reality.

Ever since the Democratic-Republicans merged into one party, it’s been a lot easier to deal with issues from the inside out rather than being ‘played.’

My, what massive changes we had to make in 10 years.


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