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Archive for September, 2010

Hopes from 2010; Feedback from 2020

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Hopes from 2010

Tropical Cyclone Malakas is in the Pacific and predicted to hit Asia. I hope it loses steam and doesn’t cause death. I like the way Igor and Julia stayed largely away from land. Hoping Lisa follows Igor’s path. Better yet, I hope Lisa moves north more quickly than Igor did and loses steam.

Floods – I hope Pakistan makes the right decision on the dam project–whatever will help alleviate floods and still secures water rights for those downstream. I don’t know what the right answer is.

Children are still starving in Niger. I hope we can help with irrigation systems or whatever needs to happen. I’ve read dubious things about the distribution of ‘free food.’ I would like for us to distribute food in an ethical manner, possibly buying food from surrounding countries if possible.

I hope it starts raining more in Niger.

Wishing the Democrats luck. I hope they really *are* starting to protect us ‘common’ people rather than bankers and insurance companies. I like that Obama has candor and isn’t terribly sound-bitey, though.
Feedback from 2020

We’ve since learned how to moderate the effects of hurricanes and to direct rain to drought-laden regions. Although still suffering higher temperatures, emissions are down due to the many advances in alternative energy and we are working on repairing the feedback loop that had started to run amok and reinforce global warming.

World population is going down as we’ve adopted China’s saner policy of producing only one child per set of parents. We are on path to a more sustainable reality.

Ever since the Democratic-Republicans merged into one party, it’s been a lot easier to deal with issues from the inside out rather than being ‘played.’

My, what massive changes we had to make in 10 years.


our daily scaffold

Monday, September 20th, 2010

outside in – foto by Smith

Our Daily Scaffold

We’re but a game of hide and meat
deception fog bequeathed by heat
to cheat the sheath of self by soul
to eat and propagate our goal

We rise in wonder, wander off
our reason tries with labored laugh
to catch our lies of lip within
and patch our eyes of if and when

me myself I – foto by Smith


then when now pow

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

the remains of Bitches Brew – art by Smith, foto by Stone Ranger

My longest friendship is with Stone Ranger whom I met at Loyola College in Baltimore in 1972. He has some of my oldest art pieces in his collection.

Recently he was away from his home for three months and when he returned he found moisture and black mold had attacked his back doorway and one of my assemblages. The moisture got beneath my glue and most of the assemblage came loose and fell to the floor.

Even nature’s becoming an art critic.

Bitches Brew, 1997, 18″ x 20″ x 5″ – art & fotos by Smith


The News in hindsight, 2020 – 9/19/2020

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

In this episode, we travel back in time to the psychologically significant year 2010…

Blogger Lady K said:

I think Obama could do well to listen to Clinton’s advice, although I’m disappointed with Clinton’s free trade initiatives and other things. As far as dealing with the public, though, I think Clinton has a lot to say.

In the current year, 2020, we now know that Obama did well to cherry-pick the best advice possible from former presidents. Thanks to Obama’s 2010 initiatives, the old problems with the economy, weather, and the divisiveness of the world have ceased to exist. Obama was elected to a second term, and the Democratic-Republicans continue to improve the US and we are now an ethical member of the UN.

It was important that mainstream media started picking up more difficult stories–“U.S. troops accused of killing Afghans ‘for sport.’ The recognition that the US had been acting as an imperial power turned around the perception in the public of what it means to occupy and bomb other countries for resources and revenge. Thank goodness we are making reparations and the Iraqi people are now prosperous even though oil is no longer a fuel of significance to our economy. The resilience of the Afghan people through occupation of the former Soviet Union, the Taliban and the United States has been an inspiration to us all. The brave women who transformed Afghan society–who woulda thunk they’d’ve turned their burquas into junk? Of course, we now have burqua appreciation societies all over the world, including France.

“Lawmakers divided on expiration of Bush tax cuts”–

Lawmakers bravely decided during those critical years to stop supporting such a striated system that extracted wealth from the lower and middle classes and redistributed it to the upper classes. This article is emblematic of the turning point we made to a healthier society with more equitable wealth distribution. We soon closed the tax loopholes as well.

The Weather – hurricanes that happened in 2010. In blogger Lady K’s words:

Fanapi has touched down on land. A lot of people have evacuated Taiwan. I hope there are few deaths and that people in danger of mudslides evacuate their areas.

Igor has weakened, as has Julia. I think it is because both are heading northish, possibly into cooler waters? Seems like goodish news.

Thank goodness we all have weather control now, in collaboration with Gaia and the Sun. His and her consciousnesses continue to communicate with us to better regulate Gaia’s systems.


claim game

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

the good fight – foto by Smith

The Outside Inside Claim Game

Sadness seeps into
and then keeps eating at you
driving inside out

Happiness derives
from within your inner spin
not from that without

Living life too long
may dull interior song
dimming glitter’s grin

To regrow the show
one needs to go way down low
clean your cluttered in

This sad sin of self
demanding a higher shelf
does dishonor here

It’s our fear of loss
in ever increasing cost
which our ego hocks

So just give not fake
and your smile outside take
hidden anger ease

Your arrow of gain
will arise when whine is tamed
and you dampen pain

For it’s all a game
without anyone to blame
except your own aim

We all are the same
just as confused as we came
birth to earth in shame

victory at home – foto by Smith


The real news report – 9/18/2010

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

I am collapsing wave functions by rewriting what is happening/has happened/will happen. All this is truly happening:


Morrissey is apologizing to Asian people for his having said an unkind remark.

All eyes are on Clinton, the Israelis and the Palestinians as they enter these most historic peace talks. The talks will have been known to have ignited permanent peace in the Middle East.

US troops are returning to Iraq to repair the war-ravaged country under the direction of the Iraqi government. The oil has been nationalized and made to work for the Iraqi people for the intermediate, until the planet can transition to sustainable energy sources.

US troops are exiting Afghanistan. The Taliban is becoming less extreme as people under its rule start to change the organization from the inside out. The Afghans are voting and all the threats were way overblown.

The Democrats and Republicans are forming a “new” party, the Democratic-Republicans. Corporate influence is being banned. The Greens are being incorporated into the new party as well–it’s got quite a large tent, I hear. The pragmatic parts of the Tea Party and Peace movements are being incorporated into the larger whole, the Democratic-Republican party.

The US is releasing Iranians, and Iran is releasing US citizens. It’s all good.

The jobless rate is improving and people who have fallen off unemployment are finding work as well.

– –

Fun stuff:

A Florida man has built a cat-sized village for 660 formerly homeless cats.

I’ve always had luck finding four leaf clovers and living a charmed life. So this article seems to correspond well to my thoughts of late.

– –

Difficult stuff:

The scary stuff on has been found to have been overblown at times. The conscientious following of the news was coupled with condemnation and demonization of ‘the opposition.’ But now that the Democratic-Republicans have included the Greens as part of their base, commondreams has very little to rant about anymore. is addressing things in a pragmatic way, and the Democratic-Republicans are looking into it to fix remnants of problems from less sane times. is as ever bringing up some of the pragmatic aspects of working well together under the UN in a world composed of different cultures.

Palin’s decided she’d much rather stick to enjoying the environment of Alazka than coming down south where the air is so sticky and frizzes her hair.

– –

Morning Weather:

I am pleased to report that fewer deaths have occurred or will occur or are occurring from hurricanes.

Karl has moved further inland. This means that it is petering out and not getting so much steam from the Gulf.

Julia and Igor still there, as is Fanapi. They are all finding cooler patches of water and losing strength.

The heavy rains in Croatia were much needed and will go away soon.

Will have to work on the droughts as soon as I can find a better world map of droughts. Not sure I want to focus on tornados until tornado season.



Cognitive Therapy and Shamanism

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Coping with loss of signal, regaining signal


Hope Report – 9/17/2010

Friday, September 17th, 2010


Info on green jobs–I believe green jobs are ultimately a huge opportunity for business to make lots & lots of money, to produce lots & lots of employment, and will help heal the planet as well.

Australian Aborigines “world’s first astronomers.” An Australian study has uncovered signs that the country’s ancient Aborigines may have been the world’s first stargazers, pre-dating Stonehenge and Egypt’s pyramids by thousands of years.

The News

More positive developments for Korea. I hope the recent rice helped: “2 Koreas discuss reuniting families divided by war.”

Good news on the Gulf oil well–“Gulf oil well on verge of being plugged for good.”

“Census: 1 in 7 Americans lives in poverty”
The above is a challenging article to me. I believe that ultimately for the good of our psychology and for the good of the planet, it is better to move to a communal living situation and/or extended family living situation. The nuclear family model is actually highly unusual, and is indicative of the breakdown of family support. It also consumes a lot of resources.

I also feel that the government needs to start creating good jobs for people on unemployment, ones that help rebuild the infrastructure in a green way. I would like for unemployment benefits to be extended forever.

In a civilized society, we will not have to race and compete so hard with each other. In a civilized society, we will work less, and enjoy life more. In a civilized society, many more people will become paid artisans and entertainers, and they will enjoy their work.

In a civilized society, everyone will have good, basic, inexpensive health care. What is happening right now in the US is atypical of what is going on in the world. We paid only $30 for an emergency room visit, ekg and consultation with doctors in Croatia. We paid $1800 for a hernia surgery in Mexico. The US is ripping people off, people. They wanted to charge us $600 for some cotton stuffed up Smith’s nose. This is criminal, not sustainable, and must change. I RESPECTFULLY COMMAND IT SO.


I hope people stop feeling that they need to kill animals in order to feel powerful:

3 teens suspended after allegedly killing kangaroo

The Weather

Looks like Karl has moved off the coast of Mexico, but it has developed into a hurricane. I hope it will go away. I’ve been watching Julia and Igor for five days. I hope they will go away. Fanapi hasn’t progressed toward land; that’s good. I RESPECTFULLY COMMAND THE HURRICANES TO GO AWAY.

Severe rains in Slovenia. I hope it’s OK.

I’m hoping the extreme drought in Louisiana & W. Virginia goes away.



nothing sez hapless like headline

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

just sayin’ – foto by Smith

Head depressed. Heart dark. Energy enervated. Brain dead. Sun gone. Cold coming. Money shrinking. Poetry readings receding. Art shows non-existent. Memoir ignored. Lady suffering inner demons of the profound and ethical.

I need an immediate fix of the absurdity, the philosophical playfulness, the enigmatic encodings, the fun findings, the silly sayings, the seriously stupid, and the provocatively pedantic ponderings of my hapless headlines helplessly harvested from the insanity currently known as year 2010.

So my choices today will be gentle, silly, subtle, perhaps even thoughtful — with only an occasional stick in the eye to keep my curmudgeon status active.

~ ~ ~

‘Captain Underpants’ Expands With ‘The Adventures of Ook and Gluk’

I Shop Therefore I Am: Can Objects Make Us Happy?

Woman Sells Two ‘Ghosts In A Bottle’ For $2,000 In Bidding War

Is There Any Integrity Or Honesty Out There?

Confessions Of A Closet Curmudgeon

Why Does God Hide?

Hell And God’s Love

If You Can’t Forgive, You Can’t Dance

‘If Trouble Don’t Kill Me’

Plight of the Living Dead

Death, Impermanence And Continuity

‘Dead Guy Sauce’

Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn’t Set in Stone

Is It Time For Shame To Make A Comeback?

Boulder Woman Gets 30 Days In Jail For Taping Dog To Fridge

Vegetarians Are Happier Than Meat-Eaters

Happiness Is Overrated

Is Suffering Necessary?

Twilight of the Preppies

Inside The Great Reptilian Conspiracy: From Queen Elizabeth to Barack Obama — They Live!

Cat Farts And Hiccups At The Same Time

The Ultimate Escape: The Bizarre Libertarian Plan of Uploading Brains into Robots to Escape Society

Stupid signs:
Psychic Fair cancelled due to unforseen circumstances
Need assistance accessing our Internet? Please visit
George Bush Center for Intelligence
No Pets Allowed / All Pets Must Be On Leash

Boulder Psychic Doesn’t Foresee Her Fraud Arrest

Odd Festivals:
Mike the Headless Chicken Festival (Fruita, Colo.)
Baby-Jumping Festival (Castrillo de Murcia, Spain)
Naked Festival (Okayama, Japan)
The World’s Largest Catsup-Bottle Festival (Collinsville, Ill.)

Russian Minister Urges Citizens To Smoke, Drink More

Australian Sex Party Trumpets Drugs, Dysfunction And Liberal Values

Caught Between The Dow And The Tao

The Universe Rewards Action, Not Thought

Scientists Freeze Water With Heat

Let’s stop pretending that hard work conquers all

If Obama Isn’t Nicer to Us Rich People, We Will Destroy America

Let Us Now Return to Those Thrilling Mistakes of Yesteryear

Woman Calls 911 From Jail Cell, Says Police ‘Trapped’ Her

Woman Calls 911 To Ask For Date

Drunk Man Calls 911 For Ride To Liquor Store

Homeless Man Calls 911 From Hot Tub, Asks For Cocoa And A Hug

3-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 When Grandmother Has Seizure

Man Charged With Stealing, Driving A Police Car While Drunk

Drunk Man Loses $1.3 Million Painting

“I don’t think he is 100 percent honest, but he’s no worse than other politicians.”

“I love mankind — it’s people I can’t stand.” — Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts

10-Year-Old Sets World Record By Wearing 215 Pairs Of Underpants

around n around we goes – foto by Smith


Reconciliation report – 9/16/2010

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Positive items:

Abbas on the peace talks: “We all know there is no alternative to peace through negotiations, so we have no alternative other than to continue these efforts.”

A tribunal in Cambodia is indicting 4 senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime. Seems like positive news as the Khmer Rouge contributed to 1.7 million deaths in the 70s. I’m hoping for a model more like South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission throughout similar situations in the world, including the US.

Video showing how people are using voodoo to heal.

– –

Challenging headlines–try to understand other points of view, please:

Positive perspective coming from Ahmadinejad–‘Muslims do not hate Americans’–US citizens could compare and contrast this with the vitriol which came from Bush–“Axis of Evil.”

I am very sorry about this U.S. cartoonist who is in hiding. I wish the fringes of facets weren’t so extremist. Yet I can understand why people would have such a lack of tolerance for western civilization (which has historically plundered and dismissed genocide–over 1,000,000 Iraqis dead. I’d be pretty angry as well. I hope ‘they’ can forgive ‘us.’)

– –

Fox news on tax hikes for the wealthy:

I’d like to state that I’d like to get rid of the tax loopholes for the wealthy. Seems like a fair compromise. Let’s not raise taxes for the rich, but we’ll get rid of the loopholes. How’s that?

Can’t really deal with the rest of the Fox News headlines today, but I can understand the critique and I hope that people can take other viewpoints to heart and come up with a happy middle, and wish each other success.

– –

Weather watch/hopes:

STS Fanapi is still out at sea. Julia and Igor are still rolling towards the Americas. Julia has been ruled “not a threat.” Igor is now category 4, but I’m hoping for it to calm down. Karl is on land. Hoping it does not pick up steam in the gulf of Mexico. Perhaps it would be best for it to move inland rather than over the gulf of Mexico.


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