from the 19th Peoples’ Art Show at CSU – foto by Smith

Here are some shots of art hanging at two of last night’s openings at CSU’s the 19th Peoples’ Art Show (in which Lady and I each have a piece) and the Wall Eye Gallery’s Skulls & Revolution show inspired by the peoples’ protests going on in Mexico.

This will be a final pleasant respite before I blog my collected political headlines from the past ten months over the next three days in anticipatory fear of this Tuesday’s election when the fundamentalist flat-earth Christians and the Tea Party anti-democracy thugs win three to five congressional seats (plus who knows how many seats lost to the Corporate house slaves known as Republicans) and begin to destroy even more of what little democracy we have left in this country. But now that I think on it, this is a good thing — our system is beyond broken, little more than a three-card Monte pyramid scheme crap shoot orchestrated by the corporations to fleece the world’s sheep, and the sooner the rich are seen as obviously in control of everything and destroy even more of our world and lives with their greed and thoughtless selfishness, the sooner moral, decent, intelligent folk will rise up against them and try to take back our planet and governmental systems — or what little’s left of them.

The foto of Christ with my face was taken by poet photographer ceramicist friend Jim Lang.

For potential prudes and censors, that is an actual plant root over the man’s groin, not genitalia (of course the question is moot considering the phallic two-guys-on-either-side-of-a-mirror bronze sculpture.

(Some folk are wondering if I’m trying to get kicked off MySpace by showing edgy art fotos – no I’m not, I’m just trying to remain true to my artistic ideals; but if I were to be banished from MySpace, it certainly wouldn’t be much of a loss for me — but in case they do deep-six me, come on over to Lady K’s and my main blog at which has 2,034 posts from June of 2006 posted in 10 countries on three continents, with around 5,000 fotos as well).

I apologize for not getting the artists’ names of these pieces — it is not right to post an artist’s work without crediting them, but my brain was slower than my ethical compass last night because the night went so fast with so much art and so many artists. . . you couldn’t spit without splattering some serious talent.

shots from 19th Peoples’ Art Show at CSU – fotos by Smith (except for the one Jim Lang)

shots from Skulls & Revolution at Wall Eye gallery – fotos by Smith

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  1. You’re right, it would be no great loss bein’ kicked off myspace, or facebook or twitter or what ever bit of nonsense comes next. Your art existed before them & will remain after they’re gone. Let him with eyes to see, hear…

  2. i still dupe my blog daily on myspace because i get around 80 reads a day. i also put a link to walkingthinice on facebook for the same reason – to snare as many diverse eyes as possible. but if either were denied me, who cares.

  3. Sorry I didn’t make it to the opening. As I was walking out the door to hit the gallery and then the Coventry reading, my wife came home from work, said she wanted to go to the reading with me after all. By the time she freshened up, we got out the door and through construction traffic on Abbe Rd (the way we get to I-90 from our house), we didn’t have time to stop for at the gallery without risking being late for the reading. Will try hard to catch it another day, though – I like what I see here a lot.

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