Month: November 2010

  • dead camera, live wife

    faded ceiling fan, original foto from dead camera – foto by Smith My camera’s dead. Again. Looks like final death this time. My mind is dead as well. No words, no thoughts, no echoes. So where be blog? Here blog, come on bloggy . . . I have some odd fotos for you. Flux it. […]

  • cannibal cannabis saliva sativa

    pink elephants of boozeville – foto by Smith Cannibal Saliva Marijuana and Mozart on a Sunday morn Plethora of complacencies Of tongue, beard, bush Poets fall down. Dream Drown One of my side aims of not smoking cannabis sativa is to remember my dreams because when I toke daily it affects my short term memory […]

  • new lady reading

    car window Lady – foto by Smith Lady K is reading today down at PoetryElyria. Host John Burroughs posted this bio for Lady: “Lady K is a poet, web designer, collage artist, photographer and videographer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Founder and editor of The City Poetry Press and art zine, she has created and disseminated […]

  • Lady’s Thanksgiving Recovery Plan Soup

    Celery Root & Lentil Soup

  • Water is sneaky

    Water is sneaky. Sound is slippery and sneaky.

  • word, sound, internal rhyme, logic

    shape shadow – foto by Smith This is my favorite poem of mine to read to audiences because it flows in word, sound, internal rhyme, and logic. Alone This Train I look to pain to gain Sleep devoid of sheep And master’s muster walk Or talk of tinkers’ conforming will Alone this train I see […]

  • crystal city

    Crystal City – foto by Smith My digital camera died, played dead three days, and on the third day rose again to take pictures. I don’t know why and I’m not asking questions. Now I can take you back to Crystal City where beneath the glare and glaze backside the gleam I seek and report […]

  • Remember the dream

    We’ve cordoned off the living room from the rest of the place and it seems like a desperate little room of temporary comfort on some ship headed on a crash course of a spiritually and materially impoverished future full of gray hair, regret and woe…

  • 7 tunes for the misbegotten

    hyperSmith looking for his camera – foto by Smith My camera died. Guess I was blogging too many pictures and reality’s saying it’s time to move on. So how about a few performed word music jams? Peter Ball — aka the musical group Apartment One — and I have been sporadically jamming for the past […]

  • sum do some don’t

    Some like my poetry blogs, some don’t. A few like my political blogs, more don’t. Pretty much no one likes my rants. But most folk seem to enjoy my pictures, so today we’ll take the easy path of image over word. Wow Mom – foto by Smith intimations of mortality – foto by Smith ring […]