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7 tunes for the misbegotten

hyperSmith looking for his camera – foto by Smith

My camera died. Guess I was blogging too many pictures and reality’s saying it’s time to move on.

So how about a few performed word music jams?

Peter Ball — aka the musical group Apartment One — and I have been sporadically jamming for the past 8 years: my voice and words, his music and recording mixing editing.

Peter’s putting his music online at, and he’s included seven of our jams and jellies.

Two of them — Mass Mambo from yesterday’s jam, and Bluesmith — are on his home page, or will be until new Ball songs push them down.

To see the rest, click on See All 83 Songs. On the next screen, you can either scroll down his long song list to the six “*smith” songs — or do a ctrl-F (hold down the Ctrl key and press the F key) to initiate SEARCH; once the search box comes up, type in “smith” and it will take you to the songs in the following order:

Bluesmith / Bloodsmith / Trainsmith / Bitchsmith / Byebuysmith / Brainsmith

To play, click on the b&w Play button on the left. Sometimes it takes 5-20 seconds of downloading before they play.

I quite like our two newest: Mass Mambo and Bluesmith, and find Bloodsmith, Trainsmith, Bitchsmith, and Brainsmith to be odd, strange, eccentric, occasionally uncomfortable creatures, maybe music from an alternative reality that has different sounds and values. But there’s usually some small thing somewhere in my psychotic monkey howlings that should be of interest at least to students of abnormal psychology, and Peter’s music is always interesting in these cuts by our interdimensional duo.

Lady heard these tonight, most for the first time, and her initial response was “You sound like a character,” and near the end it became, “You’re possessed.” Hmmmmmm, is she saying I am possessed of character?

Peter’s been making music for more than 30 years, alone and with friends and strangers in his apartment. He and I have recorded maybe 120 musical jams so far. My next project is to get some of these up on my own reverbnation account along with a bit of Lady’s and my recorded poetry.

lungSmith wailing his words – foto by Smith

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  1. Waaah, I couldn’t get it to play! I waited many minutes, and tried repeatedly. Wonder if my satellite is too slow? (All I can get, out here in the desert.) Dang it, you’ve piqued my interest, and now no follow through!

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